since moving back to a place where you need a car to live, my partner and I have needed to buy a car. she is unreceptive to a standard transmission.

“It’ll be more engaging and fun to drive” I say, to no avail. she (who doesn’t drive but just got her permit) says she doesn’t want to learn driving on a stick. “But that’s the perfect time to learn!” and then she boops me like a misbehaving cat.

one time I visited England and rented a car. everything was on the wrong side of the road (expected) and the transmission was manual (also expected), but the transmission was ALSO on the wrong side (fucked me right up)

@adz my left hand was suddenly promoted from blinker duty and I was deeply shaken, I tell ya

@ashfurrow I did my head in also when I drove in the US and Europe. Wife thought it was hilarious when I kept cleaning the windscreen while changing lanes. Safety first, I say.

@ashfurrow I'm having the interesting experience of trying to get my license here on the continent having tried (and failed) to get one in the UK. Luckily I don't have that much muscle memory yet so switching sides hasn't been _too bad_ other than I have to remind myself to wait a second extra before I try turning left :surprised_pikachu:

@gudenau no, but reverse was to the left of first gear instead of in the lower right where I expected it 😅

@ashfurrow THIS! and the turn signal vs windscreen wipers!!!

so many times in NZ entering a circle on the wrong side, then exiting in a panic while the windscreen wipers activate

@ashfurrow (… she said, while replying to someone's question on the emacs-devel list in another window)

And your car dealer welded you into your car, screaming "IT'S BETTER THIS WAY"?

@lanodan unfortunately I’m old enough that it is vim, but young enough that it’s not vi 😔

@ashfurrow I remember those days, took me 5 hours to get out of the car when I was a learner

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