I really should start doing automated performance measurement for m.t. Like, have a script hit a page and test load time, or TTI or whatever. Sometimes I make config changes in the hopes that they improve performance, but it's difficult to tell for sure if they do anything.

Any tools you'd recommend?

@ashfurrow I did a small project in it, here is what it looked like

It moves across some GIS site, reads street names from it and stores them to a database.

@ashfurrow we've been using TestCafe at work. Easier to use them Selenium (Dev oriented). Also k6 for load tests

@ashfurrow if you want to do load testing too, take a look at jmeter. It can also be used to gather statistics, but it's not the focus of the project. I also use Postman monitors to check response times and health for some URLs.

@ashfurrow I used to do similar with Nagios and WebInject, though it's not very client side friendly. Selenium works well. Been a few years since it was needed though.

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