my wifi is down again due to, I assume, squirrels again.

@ashfurrow I see the sarcasm letters, but it's still tempting...

@ashfurrow @bruceiv I'm in east canada, and it's MOSTLY fine.
I mean I'd prefer the weather in iceland, or hokkaido, but this is a lot better than, like, florida, imo.

@toast @bruceiv that's fair, that's very fair. I miss NYC winters though – so balanced 😌

@ashfurrow the weather, heck no, it's been sunny with double-digit highs (in civilized units, even) here in Portland for the last four days. I've been bicycling around my neighborhood and some nearby parks basically daily - it's a nice distraction from the fragile state of the national democracy.

@buschi_ibb they’re insidious, using a two-step attack. first, they chew through the casing of the internet fibre cable which lets water (their ally) to get in. overnight, the water freezes and disrupts the internet but will thaw later and the internet comes back, making it difficult to fix for technicians. apparently this isn’t uncommon for my neighbourhood.

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