:) Much more mellow, @ashfurrow
It's a question of perception.
Rich Dark Green.

@ashfurrow MUSIC NERD

AKA I don't get the joke so I'm poking fun at you.

@gudenau @ashfurrow there's an explanation in the alt text; basically these both are the same sound/tone even though they are written differently

@ashfurrow I mean, if there might be key signatures not shown, that just looks like getting more into line with your peer group or becoming more of a visible iconoclast by changing your enharmonic spelling—er, I mean, presentation—without changing your inner thoughts.

Or maybe it signals that you're inverting your risk management so that you have a different kind of accidents this year and learn something different…

@ashfurrow as a European (do re mi) I'd have expected one of the notes to be a E (mi). (like D# and E flat)
But I'm also not a musical person so maybe I didn't fully get it.
Otherwise, *chef kiss*

@signaleleven I totally forget that Europe uses different names for notes and rhythms!

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