lol Kubernetes is deprecating Docker. I don’t care why, I just want to hate technology thaaaaanks ✌️

More context:

I Don’t Know What I’m Talking About, But... externally this seems like a huge change that Kubernetes is making because it’ll be more convenient for *them*? I dunno,

I’m just glad I never took the advice to run this instance on Kubernetes. Docker is bad enough, folks!


I cannot emphasize enough that I don’t really understand what I’m talking about and, no, I don’t care to learn.

a massive change, that’s poorly communicated, with no timeline

✨ open source ✨

@ashfurrow all the posts talking about the death of open source forget that it was never alive to begin with, it remains chiefly, undead

@ashfurrow I read that and I have less idea what's going on than when I knew nothing.

@ashfurrow as someone working in k8s now i understand why they're dong this. docker is often confused as the only container runtime and a lock-in ecosystem and it isn't, it's just a bunch of shit built on top of OCI and containerd. i don't think this is that big a deal nor is it really going to change anything, it's just something to note

@bclindner @ashfurrow look brian i think it's safe and level headed to say docker is now an obsolete technology, just like when google thanos snapped rss

@ashfurrow i am honestly pretty ok with seeing docker itself start having support pulled in favor of "anything that implements the CRI" - because docker doesn't really do that how it should and its weird centralized proprietary image hub is now causing serious problems for us what with the rate limits

@bclindner @ashfurrow this is a fair take. from day one, docker made it clear that they did not really want people hosting their own image repositories, and that always rubbed me the wrong way.

@dvshkn @ashfurrow the ecosystem is right! there! we have OCI, and a standardized way of tagging and pushing and pulling OCI images in a decentralized manner! all we gotta do is just... start using podman and similar, and start new image hubs (which admittedly is a very expensive venture)

@dvshkn @bclindner @ashfurrow

"it's easy just to use this big black box so you don't have to worry about the details" is always pretty sketch

@ashfurrow when a nerd starts a blog post with "don't panic!" ... i panic

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