@bclindner I’m seeing instance slowdown. iotop showed a Postgres DELETE query using a lot of disk IO and PGHero indicates there are *nine* long-running queries currently being executed. Some have been active for almost 40 minutes (whaaaat).

My theory is that a user with many status has deleted their account and Postgres is chewing through the work to make that happen. I’m monitoring, and if need be we can kill the queries in PGHero.

@bclindner ah, forgot to say that one of the queries I found was this:

DELETE FROM "accounts" WHERE "accounts"."id" = $1

It only took a few minutes to complete though 😅

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@bclindner haha wait, I’m see mdszy in the logs when I grep for delete... maybe
@skelly ‘s auto-delete script is running?

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@bclindner okay so, all the queries I killed were identical, a complex SELECT (I took a screenshot). So far there’s one that’s come back. I’m going to set a two-minute timeout on our Postgres install to prevent this from happening again. Two minutes is still very generous, and longer than our nginx timeout, so the API should be unaffected. Let me know if you (or, indeed, if any curious watchers) have questions!

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