those three numbers? they aren’t real, they can’t hurt you

@bclindner we’ve been stable for like, five whole days. it’s fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine

@bclindner I suspect this stability is due to the workaround for that IPv6-only instance federation issue, but only time will tell for sure. Sure helps not to have a constantly-growing backlog of many thousands of Sidekiq retries.

I checked the source code for Mastodon and the ActivityPub updates we were receiving, and failing to validate, from that PeerTube host aren’t even stored in our database. The events are specific to PeerTube!

@bclindner for any eager beavers following this thread, the workaround I mentioned is here:

It includes a comment explaining what’s up and our longterm mitigation steps.

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