python is a trash programming language, but, aren’t they all?

ehhh the language is fine but the dependency/environment nightmare is real

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@ashfurrow I wish they didn't try to model it on ruby, nodejs and rust.

@ashfurrow it's better than Perl or PHP, but I really wish Ocaml had gotten more popular.

@ashfurrow nix made python development pretty bearable for me

i still don't like writing it though

@ashfurrow The language is incredibly naïve, the implementation was subpar 20 years ago and now it's just embarrassing (fucking GIL!). But it's easy to write mostly-working pseudocode in, and it's got so many libraries written in C.

@mdhughes @ashfurrow it gets shit done actually. Some of its implementation weirdness (refcounting) is actually great in the context of Array crunching.

@holger @ashfurrow I like refcounting, [I'm an Obj-C nerd for life]. But then you get into the C API and it's a mess, much worse than if they just put Boehm GC in. And the loss of all but 1 core is awful.

Julia's eating Python's lunch on the scientific side, and I try to do everything I can now in Scheme or JS, which is also 1-core but at least the compiler doesn't suck (20-1000x faster).

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