On a good day, I am chaotic good. On a bad day, I don’t read any books, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Update on this: I just remembered that when I was too young to know better, I would dog ear pages such that the page’s corner pointed to the sentence I left on. Basically the worst.

@ashfurrow I'm switching between lawful neutral, true neutral and chaotic good...

These days: Lawful Neutral.
Back when I read paper books: Neutral Evil.
Way back in school: True Neutral

@ashfurrow I am chaotic good, lawful evil or neutral evil depending on situation

@ashfurrow I do all the above except dog ear, since I always lend & resell my books.

@ashfurrow There is such thing as sentence pointer? 🤯

@ashfurrow My library copy of House of Leaves had two separate dog-earings (presumably from two different readers)

@portpupper wait like you could tell there were two different styles of dog ears?? that’s amazing!

@ashfurrow One was in the top and the other was the the bottom. They were of consistently different sizes.

@ashfurrow 😆 I thought the chaotic neutral was funny.

I would like a sentence pointer. @ankit

I agree with leaving the book facedown being evil. I can often use a proper bookmark because I usually grab a few when I'm at someplace that gives them away.

@ashfurrow I work with what I got. If a book has a ribbon, I'll use it; if there's literally nothing to use as a bookmark, I'll memorise the page number. My exceptions: I have never had or even known about a sentence pointer (too clever) and I would never fold a corner to mark a place I've simply stopped at – only important things for quick access!

@ashfurrow I survived most of my childhood being lawful evil, but that method doesn't work that well anymore (because I no longer read 2-3 books a day? ;-)
Cheap magazines receive the neutral evil treatment.

@ashfurrow What about tearing out a page and using it as bookmark?


1. Lawful evil.
2. Neutral evil
3. Chaotic evil
4. Lawful neutral

@ashfurrow depending on the situation, lawful evil or true neutral.

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