it’s exhausting

some of them, I assume are good people

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sad posting 

@toast amidst a pandemic, cut off from my family and living in a failed state, my priorities suddenly and dramatically shifted. I remember feeling a sudden moment of clarity. living here for the sake of a job, even my dream job, no longer seemed worth all that I gave up when I left. I missed the birth of my niece 😭

you’re right that I chose this, but I also have regrets

sad posting 

@ashfurrow it's gonna be ok ashy :blobsnuggle:
I wish you had figured that out before moving, like I did, but hey, things happen
must be cool to have roots at all, though

sad posting 

@toast you’re absolutely right that I’m lucky to have roots, I think I lost sight of that a bit. thanks for the reminder, I actually feel a little better

sad posting 

@ashfurrow that statement could have gone either way, and I'm glad it made you feel better! :celgladeline:

@ashfurrow I would like a lot more social distance from my countrymen. Unfortunately Mars doesn't have coffee yet.

@TonyStark you all use Fahrenheit 😜 Or has Stark Industries metrified? 🤔

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