@ashfurrow whoa I never knew there used to be a C:\WINDOWS\Desktop.

Did Windows used to be single user?
@ashfurrow @matthew No, I believe Windows 95 and 98 had the same user model, although 98 made it a bit more obvious that you could set up multiple users IIRC. But it was a rather fake multi-user layer, without much real protection or separation between the user accounts, and no ability to have multiple sessions running simultaneously. That was in no small part thanks to the DOS basis of 95/98/ME, which NT fixed but of course consumer Windows weren't NT-based until NT 5.1, a.k.a. Windows XP.
@ashfurrow @matthew (Ridiculously, Windows still acts a bit single-user-y to this day, although most of that is entirely artificial restrictions that they'll let you lift if you pay some extra money atop a Server edition license.)

@ashfurrow @matthew I remember I built a kind of multiuser-environment on W3.11, using a batch-file that copied many .INI-files after choosing the users name.

@ashfurrow hah, my family used to have the 486 predecessor of this machine. even had a "now with windows 95!" sticker on the box. good times.

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