“Wow this tiny hard drive is pretty larger!”

“Actually that’s just a miniature Uno card.”

@ashfurrow too bad for the firmware on those drives. The instant you format it to be of use to anything other than the iPod it came out of, it soft-bricks

@yakkoj that sucks. a literal self-destruct. luckily, I plan to dismantle it to see what it looks like inside

@yakkoj @ashfurrow does it do it on purpose or does it just let you destroy low level formatting information?

@penny @ashfurrow Apple put custom firmware on these that make it pay attention to areas that can be overwritten by non-iPod devices, so it's not even low-level info. Apple just intentionally broke it for general use.

@yakkoj @penny fiends! maybe they were paranoid about music piracy? sucks either way.

@ashfurrow @penny oddly enough, back in the day, 4GB MicroDrives were much more expensive standalone than devices that shipped with them, so Apple was in cahoots with the drive OEM to keep photographers paying inflated prices for storage for their DSLRs

Fortunately, photographers didn't have to wait long before CF cards with good speed and capacity became available...

@yakkoj @ashfurrow I thought that the firmware sits at the earliest X bytes and so formatting overwrites some of the software. It should be possible to reflash it with an image to restore functionality.

I know this because of the experiments I did on my poor iPod video. If you like, I can even point you to the image that you need to flash to restore functionality.

@Lofenyy @ashfurrow that sounds about right, as an iTunes restore lets the hard drive work again in the iPod

@yakkoj @ashfurrow This aspect literally made me consider porting PostmarketOS to my iPod video, since I know there used to be a project for Linux on it. It would require a custom bootloader in place of the firmware. Everything else would be stock. I know someone once wrote a custom UI that'd work and the source code for a bootloader, though it's ancient, is still floating around somewhere.

Sadly, I don't have the time or the know-how.

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