y’all, I was taking out the trash, and someone was moving out, was throwing away their PowerBook G4

“Are you into computers? It doesn’t work. Do you want it?”

uhhh yes I am yes I do 🤩 now I have a new project to tinker on


also: don’t throw laptops in the trash! they have, like, chemicals and stuff that need proper disposal

hey I just went for a walk and the *same guy* is still moving out. “Want this kitchen hutch?”

and I had been thinking about a hutch!

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The hutch! It needed a good clean, took some elbow grease. But I found two ✨ neodymium ✨ fridge magnets attached to it. Amazing! 🧲

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@ashfurrow on a hunch for brunch you wanted a hutch as much to touch and it'd sure be lush

@ashfurrow Advice of the day: Stay close to that garbage collector. If you can't, put up a webcam with a mike and speakers so you can react fast. Use motion detectors to send immediate alerts. Who knows what's coming next? Keep us updated, interesting story, no kidding with that! Yay aren't you lucky…

@ashfurrow besides, that PowerBook G4 has a fighting chance of still working. I'll bet "it doesn't work" because the battery died and the charger suffered a fault

@yakkoj they mentioned the keyboard specifically, and it’s in pretty rough shape. but parts are findable, and i would love to see about fixing this up 😍

@ashfurrow at least on those models, you have a chance of getting a good keyboard replacement, so that should work out well ;o)

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