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good morning. work gave everyone today off to recover from coronastress (🎉) but I’m on callllll [cw cartoon face]

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Good morning. I told my wife that Panko breadcrumbs are the best and that we should accept no substitute. She was sceptical.

Anyway. We keep a box stocked, and today I opened it. Well played, @ashleykrista, well played. [cw food]

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Good morning. Yesterday I was feeling fancy so enjoy this photo from my walk. [cw ec]

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Good morning, happy caturday, don’t forget to do something today to help.

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Good morning. I’m working from home. Going to give these coworkers a scathing performance review.

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When I go outside in NYC I see fewer than a quarter of pedestrians, cyclists, runners wearing a mask. Lots of “I put on a mask initially but then lowered it to cover my chin instead of my face” maneuvers too.

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I’m petting him now, he’s loving it. When I stop petting him, he does a lil stretch 😍

f o l k s

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Good morning folks. A lil update: such a long (and long-lived) thread like this is, uhh, an edge case for the fedi. Turns out that remote servers do recursive lookups of each post and it’s media whenever any of the toots get federated.

That’s a lot of wasted computing/bandwidth/storage, so today will be the final threaded Good Morning post from me ✌️❤️🙏

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@trickster we all learn in high school that virus is stored in the neckbeard

@ashfurrow I frankly don't understand it. Like.. let's trade a small bit of discomfort for better protection against the surveillance state, and getting to normal sooner, and this is a problem?!? Why?!

@ashfurrow jokes on you i was born in 1995 making me an extremely late millenial that empathizes more with zoomers, i am all 4 of these images

@ashfurrow this is how I feel when I go to the psych ward, ngl

@ashfurrow I’m trying to decide if this is even worse than putting white-out on a computer monitor or not

@ashfurrow I think this could actually work, with low-level enough access to touch events. Surely a liquid will have different capacitance than human fingers.

@ashfurrow I'm never actually able to read the thread or even barely interact with it because when I click this toot, mastodon does this:

@ashfurrow Aw bummer, but makes sense. Will you still do non-threaded Good Morning posts? I enjoy the routine and pictures.

@edwardloveall oh for sure I definitely will continue. the Good Mornings will continue until morale improves 💪

@ashfurrow Awww man, this should encourage them to fix it not make you stop. :V

@gudenau not really something to be fixed, imo. It’s just kinda how things work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@ashfurrow Like only fetch what is needed to be seen at that moment, maybe one or two posts more without the media.

@ashfurrow hmm, I wonder what the solution would even be. Some sort of thread ID caching? Or maybe a way to have SQL do the recursion in 1 query so each call doesn't have RTT in there too.

@jwkicklighter it would get really complicated between the front end and back end too. I don’t think this is a bug, even. Just a quirk.

@ashfurrow when someone from instance X replies to something on instance Y, does the toot go into X or Y database? Or both?

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