damn, is this keyboard the guys from supernatural? because... 

my ErgoDox has been shipped 🙌

I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but

My ErgoDox is “on vehicle for delivery” 😇🎉💆‍♂️

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ErgoDox arrived! Computer won’t boot 😪 I’ve been on my smartphone only while I’ve been off work. Looks like water damage from a few years ago finally caught up to it. Hopefully the repair shop has a spare daughter board.

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Yeah that’s right, Apple decided their trash can Mac Pro needed not one, but *two* logic boards, and one should be at the very bottom of the machine, where spilled water can easily reach. Apparently it’s a common enough problem :/

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Okay, ErgoDox is hooked up to the laptop and ready to go.

Typical with anything open source, the first time setup was nightmarish but doable with patience. Do not @ me on this, my friends.

I, uh, suck at typing so far. Practicing...


Okay so update on my Mac Pro...

The repair shop tried de-oxidizing away the water damage but, unfortunately it didn't work. The cost of parts + labour would exceed the value of the computer, which really sucks :\ Thought about trying to do it myself, but it's still prohibitively expensive with no guarantee it'd work.

(Can someone fill me in on the etiquette of tipping computer repair shops? NYC. They did all this work but, aren't charging us for what didn't end up working.)

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I'm not in a super hurry to replace the computer because I still have my work laptop for coding on (and I'll be working from home anyway for a while lol, so no need to rush out and get a specifically-personal computer). But it does make me, uhh, really nervous that my only work-capable machine owned by my employer. (I have an old ThinkPad but for *whatever reason* that can't run Xcode)

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Okay bad news for the Hackintosh advocates: I decided on a Mac mini. But! The research I did into building my own computer convinced me that I could indeed do the RAM upgrade myself, so who can say whether I’m good or bad?

Thing is: I’ll be using the computer for professional work, and I need it to be reliable in a way that I don’t think a Hackintosh can be. Much respect to the community – it looks fun and I think I’d like to try it sometime. Just not as my primary home machine 😅

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I have also cleaned up my cables with this one weird trick! (Command Strip’ing everything to the wall under my desk.)

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I just need, you know, the computer. Estimated delivery is Monday.

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@ashfurrow I love how it looks like a couple of big oven mitts with keycaps attached lol

@gudenau in several weeks I might be ready to try it. Still a struggle to remember where the space key is.

@gudenau yeah, did you see the photo I posted? It’s not obvious to me.

@ashfurrow I didn't give a real answer because I don't know.

@ashfurrow @gudenau I would assume it's the outer ones of the thumb cluster, since that seems like where your thumb would naturally rest?
@ashfurrow @gudenau just on the left side? I'd think it'd be on both, so you can press it with either thumb, like a non-split keyboard

@shadowfacts @gudenau aye, my Kinesis Freestyle 2 has this. And I might change the layout to match, but I want to give the defaults a change first.

And when I look at my laptop keyboard wear down, I almost exclusively use my right thumb for space so I might just swap it 🙃

@ashfurrow Nice! I used qmk as firmware and hacked a keyboard layout, so I may be able to help you if you have a question about that :)

@ariasuni I appreciate that. I’m figuring things out so far, but hitting a few more walls that I anticipated. The docs are geared towards existing keyboard enthusiasts. Though I seen them trying to make it accessible, it’s just missing a few beats for me. Maybe I’ll send them some feedback once I’ve gotten settled.

@ashfurrow Yeah, I had this too. I was lost at first because existing docs aren’t good for beginners in this particular domain. Also for a particular feature, I couldn’t make it work until I learned I could use `` then `` to redefine a compile-time constant — I wanted to change the brightness of the LED when reloading the firmware.


>blank keycaps
>no (obvious) spacebar!

there's no WAY I'd be able to type on that,

@surveyor3 I took a quiz to help me pick and one of the questions was “so you like to hear yourself type?” Uh, yup that’s meeee


@Tom I know right? I'm so on the fence about that. The tutorials make it sound easy but then start talking about EFI and kexts and other things just beyond my current understanding 😅 I feel like I used to love this kind of stuff - what happened to me? (A decade using Apple hardware is what happened 😫)


@ashfurrow it's... honestly pretty doable!

I converted the desktop i built back in 2013 into a hackintosh a couple of years ago and, while i gotta admit i was pretty lucky with the hardware choices i made in 2013, it's been very seamless. Also, as much as I hate to admit it, reddit has been a great resource too, I can def recommend the r/hackintosh subreddit and their guides and wikis.


@Tom Alllllright, I will check this out.

"ITX" hey that sounds like "ATX"

So I might need to brush up on some basics 😅


@ashfurrow feel free to @ me with any questions you might have! I'm definitely no expert but I've gathered a bit of experience doing this hahah


@Tom can I ask your opinion of the Intel NUC? The hardware build is the part of the hackintosh process that makes me most nervous, so buying a tiny lil computer already assembled in a chassis, etc, sounds very compelling.


@ashfurrow ive honestly never used one of those before - do you have any specific model in mind?


@Tom I’m still looking around, but it feels like NUC8i7BEH would be good. Add some RAM and a drive, and wifi/bluetooth somehow, and it’s pretty compelling.


@ashfurrow sounds like it should work pretty well save for the integrated wifi, but you could just get a cheap usb dongle for that if you need it


@ashfurrow but also: i don't wanna convince you or anything but building a pc honestly feels a lot more daunting than it actually is, there's not much you can mess up as long as you follow basic instructions tbh


@ashfurrow Part of me is like "ship it to me for something to mess with" but I'm no where near good enough to even attempt that fix.

Also I'm sure they'd appreciate you trying to tip, a lot of people are jerks to repair people.

@ashfurrow Very clean! How are you liking the Ergo Dox? Ive been thinking about picking one up myself.

@baronvonjace it’s good! It takes up more desk space than I thought, which prompted this sudden organizational craze of mine. But I like it quite a bit. Starting to get used to it!

@izaya mmmmm they are one of my two favourite organizational tools (next to command strips haha)

@ashfurrow I just found the name fun, are they just adhesive hooks?

@izaya yes exactly! And they have Velcro ones called command strips for hanging picture frames, or what have you. They are a cornerstone of organizing my tiny apartment.

@izaya @ashfurrow They advertise them during holidays here in the states, and I guess Canada too?

@gudenau @izaya dunno! I never heard of them before a few years ago. I’m sure other brands work too but this is the one the hardware store sells 🙃

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