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Good morning. I took a really nice bath yesterday – placed my phone on the tub ledge so I could listen to music through the water.

*incredibly time has no meaning voice* “good morning” [cw cat face no ec]

good morning. work gave everyone today off to recover from coronastress (🎉) but I’m on callllll [cw cartoon face]

Good morning. I told my wife that Panko breadcrumbs are the best and that we should accept no substitute. She was sceptical.

Anyway. We keep a box stocked, and today I opened it. Well played, @ashleykrista, well played. [cw food]

Good morning. Yesterday I was feeling fancy so enjoy this photo from my walk. [cw ec]

sorry I know there’s a lot going on right now, but I needed this. I needed to wish Colm Meaney a happy birthday.

okay back to serious mode

fwiw, I gave money yesterday (payday) to organizations doing the important work. I try my best to do anti-racism, especially in the online spaces I have influence over (like m.t). it’s not enough but I’m always trying to do more and learn.

Both of the first photos have huge “in denial about being in the closet” energy. And the second photos, well, they speak for themselves 🤗🥰🏳️‍🌈

Good morning, happy caturday, don’t forget to do something today to help.

Sometimes a good morning comes around and I don’t even know how an image made it into my camera roll to post. But I have to post good morning, can’t emphasize that enough. Must post good morning.

what new hardware could it possibly be detecting? is this elevator even able to connect to Windows Update, to search for software? who can say. who indeed can say.

I personally reject any elevator that even HINTS that it might be internet-connected 🙅‍♂️

Also I can’t stress enough that when I saw this Windows wizard on the elevator, I nearly dropped my phone rushing to get a picture of it.

“This will be perfect for the good morning thread”, I thought, and I was a thousand percent correct.

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@ashfurrow I think I'll be enabling the "Show location of the pointer when I press the CTRL key" option exactly because of this... ><

@ashfurrow Considering i had to increase the size of my cursor by like 300 percent the other day with my four monitors.....
I feel targeted.

@ashfurrow people make fun of me for having inverse cursor + trails enabled...

@ashfurrow this is the time when we start furiously shaking the mouse to reveal the cursor position, right?

@ashfurrow I think that bastarding evil cat also fucked my .bashrc file. Well, I'm not blaming myself.

@ashfurrow oh noes a burger joint is in on the 5G death rays!

*plugs in £339 USB key that was e-waste* now I'm protected!

@yakkoj @ashfurrow Those don't need to be plugged in, plugging them in only boosts there range.


I already have a dislike for elevators. I got in one that after selecting the floor played a windows 3.1 chime and announced the floor. I immediately exited and used the stairs.

@ashfurrow "going down" has a new meaning in internet connected elevator

@ashfurrow fwiw all the elevators I've worked w/ 1) the mechanical important bits are tuned & tested by people who know exactly how much pressure it takes to crush a human skull. (elevator tech conversations can get morbid.) 2) the phone line inside is still analog, at least to the carrier punchdown. everything else is fluff, & doesn't control anything important.
3) if the slip showing the elevator was inspected recently isn't posted, ask to see it.
that said, I work w/risk adverse people who hate windows.

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