damn, is this keyboard the guys from supernatural? because... 

the ortholinearity is the only thing that’s straight about this keyboard is what I’m saying

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I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but

My ErgoDox is “on vehicle for delivery” 😇🎉💆‍♂️

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ErgoDox arrived! Computer won’t boot 😪 I’ve been on my smartphone only while I’ve been off work. Looks like water damage from a few years ago finally caught up to it. Hopefully the repair shop has a spare daughter board.

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Yeah that’s right, Apple decided their trash can Mac Pro needed not one, but *two* logic boards, and one should be at the very bottom of the machine, where spilled water can easily reach. Apparently it’s a common enough problem :/

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Okay, ErgoDox is hooked up to the laptop and ready to go.

Typical with anything open source, the first time setup was nightmarish but doable with patience. Do not @ me on this, my friends.

I, uh, suck at typing so far. Practicing...

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@ashfurrow Oh! let me know how you like it! and show pictures? I've been curious i f it's worth it...

thanks in advance either way :)

@jrss oh I definitely will be posting more, and posting photos 🎉

@ashfurrow any chance of a review, or an opinion after a week, a month... whatever? You know what just throw at me whatever you have on this :)

woo! excited for you.

@ashfurrow I've been using orho keyboads for a while now, Preonic and Plack. Let us know about your experience with ErgoDox. I might buy one :-)

@ashfurrow I've created a new layer for my ortho keyboards, with Xcode shortcuts. I'll toot about it (w/ links) later today.

@ashfurrow these are the settings for my Preonic. The modifier to access the layer is the key on the bottom-left; MOD(4).

I didn't add the basic shortcuts because they're pretty easy to access. But these are more complex and require crazy finger dance to execute.

@otaviocc this is so cool! Thank you. I feel like I’m on the cusp of some really intense keyboarding, just need to get over that initial learning curve.

@ashfurrow it took me a while right in the beginning. Writing was kinda easy to get used to, but coding took longer.

But it's all muscle memory and after a while it "clicks".

@ashfurrow I love how it looks like a couple of big oven mitts with keycaps attached lol

@gudenau in several weeks I might be ready to try it. Still a struggle to remember where the space key is.

@gudenau yeah, did you see the photo I posted? It’s not obvious to me.

@ashfurrow I didn't give a real answer because I don't know.

@ashfurrow @gudenau I would assume it's the outer ones of the thumb cluster, since that seems like where your thumb would naturally rest?
@ashfurrow @gudenau just on the left side? I'd think it'd be on both, so you can press it with either thumb, like a non-split keyboard

@shadowfacts @gudenau aye, my Kinesis Freestyle 2 has this. And I might change the layout to match, but I want to give the defaults a change first.

And when I look at my laptop keyboard wear down, I almost exclusively use my right thumb for space so I might just swap it 🙃

@ashfurrow Nice! I used qmk as firmware and hacked a keyboard layout, so I may be able to help you if you have a question about that :)

@ariasuni I appreciate that. I’m figuring things out so far, but hitting a few more walls that I anticipated. The docs are geared towards existing keyboard enthusiasts. Though I seen them trying to make it accessible, it’s just missing a few beats for me. Maybe I’ll send them some feedback once I’ve gotten settled.

@ashfurrow Yeah, I had this too. I was lost at first because existing docs aren’t good for beginners in this particular domain. Also for a particular feature, I couldn’t make it work until I learned I could use `` then `` to redefine a compile-time constant — I wanted to change the brightness of the LED when reloading the firmware.


>blank keycaps
>no (obvious) spacebar!

there's no WAY I'd be able to type on that,

@surveyor3 I took a quiz to help me pick and one of the questions was “so you like to hear yourself type?” Uh, yup that’s meeee

@izaya well the old one clearly wins in aesthetics, but it’s too dated to use for iOS development anymore. The ones that *can* still run Xcode won’t soon. The trash can is theoretically upgradable but in practice it’s way way too much work, too expensive for the parts. An SSD upgrade costs over double what it should just for parts.

@ashfurrow aah, that's the real question, isn't it; iOS development ability.
I love the look of the tower Mac Pro and they have neat internal design, I have a dead one I've been meaning to convert to ATX for a long time.

@izaya holy smokes that would be a handsome computer indeed. Peak of Apple’s design was in 2011 or so, I reckon.

@ashfurrow I always found the whole "we don't have CPU fans, just these MASSIVE heatsinks" design really neat.

@izaya its such a neat concept, but it needs a big enough chassis for the heat to dissipate. The trash can Mac Pro, well, it trash can’t dissipate the heat.

@ashfurrow i'm p sure no desktop computers are designed with "protection from the user spilling stuff" in mind. the general rule of thumb is "don't spill stuff on your computer. it will never go well, if you do."

@lyliawisteria I didn’t spill anything *on* the computer. I spilled something onto the desk, and the water was only a few millimetres deep. Deep enough to flow over the computers bottom grill and flow into the chassis where it contacted the board. It’s a badly designed computer for many reasons, water notwithstanding.


i won't disagree that Apple makes garbage. i'm pretty sure their company slogan at this point is probably something more like "buy our stuff. yeah, it's trash with a $5000 pricetag. fuck you, buy it."

@lyliawisteria it looks good, if you agree with their taste, but it’s not worth the price tag. And some of their hardware choices have been bizarre, borderline on insulting (see: asymmetric arrow keys on keyboards). But they use their software EULA to force you to buy hardware if you want macOS. That’s becoming a weaker and weaker stick, though.

@lyliawisteria here is a photo of the board and the bottom of the machine illustrating where the water got in. The board sits flush inside the base. Most desktops would not be susceptible to this.

@ashfurrow @lyliawisteria Jeez, that’s the worst! Just bad engineering. If they’d added 1cm of spacers to the bottom, and 1cm to the total height of the tower, they’d render the vast majority of spills completely harmless 🤦🏻‍♀️

@vy @lyliawisteria exactly! ugh!

I’m stuck on macOS due to *career* but my next personal computer will be a hackintosh I think.

@ashfurrow @lyliawisteria Yeah, I’m in the process of replacing all of my personal systems with Linux-oriented stuff. I’ve been disappointed enough with the hardware support of my 5k iMac, though, that I’m looking to sell it and build/buy a new tower 😓

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