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Good morning. My team traded video tours of our working-from-home setups so here’s mine.

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Good morning. Here’s an emoji map of my home province, New Brunswick. Source:

I grew up roughly between the 🇬🇧 and 🥔

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Good morning. I took a really nice bath yesterday – placed my phone on the tub ledge so I could listen to music through the water.

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*incredibly time has no meaning voice* “good morning” [cw cat face no ec]

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good morning. work gave everyone today off to recover from coronastress (🎉) but I’m on callllll [cw cartoon face]

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Good morning. I told my wife that Panko breadcrumbs are the best and that we should accept no substitute. She was sceptical.

Anyway. We keep a box stocked, and today I opened it. Well played, @ashleykrista, well played. [cw food]

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Finally remembered to set the preview image crop for comedic effect, ty ty

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Tomatoes gonna tomate?
Peaches gonna fuzz!
Congregators gonna congregate?
Electricity's gonna always buzz!

@ashfurrow I think I'll be enabling the "Show location of the pointer when I press the CTRL key" option exactly because of this... ><

@ashfurrow Now whatever did I do to get such a pinpoint callout xD

@ashfurrow Considering i had to increase the size of my cursor by like 300 percent the other day with my four monitors.....
I feel targeted.

@ashfurrow people make fun of me for having inverse cursor + trails enabled...

@ashfurrow this is the time when we start furiously shaking the mouse to reveal the cursor position, right?

@ashfurrow Fun fact for anyone who didn't already know: the N logo's shape actually has 64 polygons and vertices, as yet another nod to it being the N64.

This is not the apparent faces, but the actual triangles used to comprise the model.

@bluestarultor congratulations, you have nerd sniped me. Currently stuck counting polygons in my head.

Monopoly: The Tax Collection?
The state needs all your money back, all of it.
You'll never win this edition?

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