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Good morning! This week, instead of sharing images, I’m sharing albums.

Kicking it off with Dan Mangan’s “Nice, Nice, Very Nice” – the kind of album that keeps your jeans dry. Lots of great acoustic guitar, amazing vocals, evocative lyrics. My favourite song is “Basket”, but they’re all great.


Good morning! Today's album is "Islands Disappear" by Said the Whale.

This album was my introduction to west cost Canadian indie rock, and what an introduction it was! Lots of stories are embedded in these lyrics – the album taught me that even if I've got a map, I need to know where I'm going. Favourite song: A Cold Night Close to the End.

Good morning! Today’s album is “Into Lake Griffy” by Good Luck. A bit more punk than usual, but optimistic. Nothing lifts me up like this album.

My friend introduced me to this album and the way he explains it, the band formed out of a random, extreme dip in musical entropy. Boltzmann Brain-style. They made this album and then dissipated back into the aether.

Favourite song is “Bringing Them Back to Life”, check it out.

Good morning! Today’s album is “Fantasies” by Metric.

I never really followed music/bands until Metric, and this was the first time an album came out that really changed the musical direction of one of my favs. Really raw sound, with Emily Haines amazing voice 😍 Metric would lean further into the electronic music angle in subsequent albums.

Lots of stories in these songs, which I love, but also a kind of pop feel. Favourite song: “Gimme Sympathy”

Good morning! Today’s album is “Swooner” by The Zolas. I liked their earlier albums too, but this one leans hard into an electronic vibe you can dance to. I’ve been listening to this when I run 🏃

Favourite song is “Freida on the Mountain”, because it features *heavy* sampling of the Star Trek: TNG transporter sound effect ✨

Good morning! Today's album is "Forcefield" by Tokyo Police Club

I know what you're thinking – what about Champ? What about Elephant Shell? And to that I say: all Tokyo Police Club albums are :valid:

Plus the first song "Argentina (Parts I, II, III)" absolutely bangs, check it out, it's my favourite.

Good morning! Today is the last day I share albums each morning. And it shouldn't surprise anyone that I'm ending with The Weakerthans' final album, the live recording of their final concert.

The Weakerthans, and John K Samson, mean a lot to me. Their songs helped me when I was in a bad place, and learning to play those songs helped me leave. Their final album is band at its peak - favourite song is Wellington's Wednesdays, and let me tell you why...

Good morning. I’ll be working from home for the foreseeable future but today is my last day in the office. I’ll miss it ❤️

good morning and shout out to my first ever own computer

found it at a yard sale in the mid-nineties. it came with a book of BASIC programs you could transcribe into the computer.

good morning, here’s a post-home-workout selfie. please excuse the attempt at a beard; I won’t let the opportunity this quarantine presents go to waste. [cw ec]

Good morning. My team traded video tours of our working-from-home setups so here’s mine.

Good morning. Here’s an emoji map of my home province, New Brunswick. Source:

I grew up roughly between the 🇬🇧 and 🥔

fun fact: the “+” in “LGBTQIA+” is also for people with accents in their names

Good morning. I took a really nice bath yesterday – placed my phone on the tub ledge so I could listen to music through the water.

*incredibly time has no meaning voice* “good morning” [cw cat face no ec]

not even careful cropping could hide the shame of my poor cable management here 😭

I swear when I moved here 18 months ago I was like “this time, I’ll get it right, right away” but over time I’ve become “meh” to it :gudetama:

@ashfurrow and here I was thinking it was for raptors the entire time

@ashfurrow I just started doing a retrospective of Star Trek TNG, following this list of the “good” episodes. Has been quite enjoyable, Re-engaging with these characters from 30 (!!) years ago.

@ashfurrow I watched DS9 when it first came out, for the first season or two, and it didn't grab me, then kinda off and on in syndication over the years, but never a "full" watch-through... Maybe now is a good time? :)

@jos @ashfurrow I can really recommend it. It didn't grab me at first too but once you get the hang of it, the characters are very versatile and even profound.

@choboDOC @jos we are up to season six 😅 It’s the first time I stuck with it this far. The show lends itself to Netflix (instead of after school syndication). I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about it.

@jos I had very much the same experience. Watching serially changes the show, is highly recommend it. I used this guide to skip the duds:

@jos @ashfurrow DS9 is arguably the best trek.

Very very compelling characters, stories, and it got fucking dark. Especially in the later episodes after Cisco got pinned is 0-6, shaved his head and got a goatee, he just became an absolute badass.

@ashfurrow Fuck no, the 90s sucked, and I am glad they are over. Also TNG was the worst trek.

the 1990s were characteristic bland and boring. Everything interesting was underground.

the cars fucking sucked. Both uninteresting and unreliable.

We were still in the middle of a religious authoritarian revival.

Everything was fake, and shitty. Everything real was dangeous and hard to get.

@GI_Jack now hold on, I never said the 90's were _good_, only that I was pining for them. They are,,, my comfort zone. My problematic comfort zone for sure.

Watching through DS9, and it feels like the writers were definitely aware of Fukuyama's ideas about the 90's, and active deconstructing neoliberals' obsession with the status quo.


Yes, TNG was absolutely terrible, with a lot of liberal utopia, nothing to say, and a lot of cringeworthy characters.

DS9 was phenominal that understood what sci fi was supposed to do, and took it further and harder hitting than TOS could imagine.

@ashfurrow i'm predicting at least 3 cate replies from pleroma instances on this one

@toast @bclindner (to clarify, I don't think pleroma is either pathetic or little, except in the JS bundle size sense)

@ashfurrow @bclindner :blobsnuggle:
I like using pleroma as a backend, since it's easier on my server and doesn't do weird things I disagree with (e.g mastodon's insistence on caching and re-encoding all media)
but as a frontend I mostly use, so there's not that much of a difference for me tbh

@toast @ashfurrow i would love to hack on a Go fediverse server but while go-fed exists there's nothing really analogous to mastodon/pleroma/etc yet and i am not about to be the one to go through the trouble of building that

@bclindner @ashfurrow
want me to hit you up when I get around to it?
it's on my list (just fairly low below it, I wanna do the couchdb port to go first so that the server can use it)

@toast @ashfurrow i'll probably know either way, i check for new fediverse servers in other languages every like 3 montbs

@victor Ruby on Rails is the web framework that Mastodon uses. Nerds often complain that “Rails doesn’t scale” despite many popular sites that use it.

@ashfurrow thanks Ash, what I didn't get was, who's that boy at the last picture

@ashfurrow I listened to someone from Basecamp (maybe DHH, but can’t completely remember) on a podcast lay into Twitter devs about how Ruby/Rails are perfectly fine but you still have to architect your app properly, and how they used Scala as a way to rewrite the app and blame the past shortcomings on the old tech. Was beautiful.

@ashfurrow That might only be true if you're not in a Gloryhammer album.

@ashfurrow You've been chaining these replies since January 1st, goddamn. It's lagging my browser a little.

@ashfurrow @Gargron I told you not to restart the chain in the new year. :^)

@ashfurrow bah, those aren't bad.
the obsession dial needs to be turned up just a little more. I had a housemate who would re-do the cable management (even though nothing had changed) every 2 months or so. they were trying to improve matters. (which were already very good.)

I finally worked with people who were so obsessive, uh, honestly it would sound like I was making things up. it was crazypants. the more you want to hide or make your cables perfect, the more expensive it gets. $0.005

@ashfurrow Correct. But the clone tool in GIMP works wonders!

@gboyd42 but then that wouldn’t be *flips hair back dramatically* la photographie verité

@ashfurrow True, but it's not as if you're reducing the cat by two dress sizes. Or layering a Picasso onto your wall. Or even (and this is my personal favourite) 'vacuuming' the carpet in post production.

@ashfurrow You can't argue with how good the gamepad was. A nice large controller with nearly limitless possibilities from the touch screen.

It was more perfect, but it's a much better feature than the Switch.

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