Big upgrade to my disk space checking cron script: now it tells me *which* partition is running low 🥳

I haven’t been able to do a lot of solo coding at work, so this satisfied that itch.

let’s see if I can remember how to move a Postgres database while preserving all the permissions and stuff. it’s over 70GB for m.t if you’re curious. daily backups are approaching 10GB compressed.

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@ashfurrow Maybe pg_repack can bring it down a little first

@ashfurrow have you looked into using something like Pushover instead of using email? They give an API that makes it super easy to add push notifications to scripts. I use it for things like this often. (Although you might prefer email, which is totally fine!)

@jwkicklighter It's not super-critical that I get notified right away, and email was kind of an at-hand solution :)

@ashfurrow yeah, totally get it. It's super easy to use what's already right there!

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