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good morning, here was our final practice before the performance tonight ✨

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good morning. yesterday, I completed assembly of my new space station. it’s been a rough few weeks, and it was just what I needed.

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Good morning! This week, instead of sharing images, I’m sharing albums.

Kicking it off with Dan Mangan’s “Nice, Nice, Very Nice” – the kind of album that keeps your jeans dry. Lots of great acoustic guitar, amazing vocals, evocative lyrics. My favourite song is “Basket”, but they’re all great.


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Good morning! Today's album is "Islands Disappear" by Said the Whale.

This album was my introduction to west cost Canadian indie rock, and what an introduction it was! Lots of stories are embedded in these lyrics – the album taught me that even if I've got a map, I need to know where I'm going. Favourite song: A Cold Night Close to the End.

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Good morning! Today’s album is “Into Lake Griffy” by Good Luck. A bit more punk than usual, but optimistic. Nothing lifts me up like this album.

My friend introduced me to this album and the way he explains it, the band formed out of a random, extreme dip in musical entropy. Boltzmann Brain-style. They made this album and then dissipated back into the aether.

Favourite song is “Bringing Them Back to Life”, check it out.

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Good morning! Today’s album is “Fantasies” by Metric.

I never really followed music/bands until Metric, and this was the first time an album came out that really changed the musical direction of one of my favs. Really raw sound, with Emily Haines amazing voice 😍 Metric would lean further into the electronic music angle in subsequent albums.

Lots of stories in these songs, which I love, but also a kind of pop feel. Favourite song: “Gimme Sympathy”

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Good morning! Today’s album is “Swooner” by The Zolas. I liked their earlier albums too, but this one leans hard into an electronic vibe you can dance to. I’ve been listening to this when I run 🏃

Favourite song is “Freida on the Mountain”, because it features *heavy* sampling of the Star Trek: TNG transporter sound effect ✨

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Good morning! Today's album is "Forcefield" by Tokyo Police Club

I know what you're thinking – what about Champ? What about Elephant Shell? And to that I say: all Tokyo Police Club albums are :valid:

Plus the first song "Argentina (Parts I, II, III)" absolutely bangs, check it out, it's my favourite.

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Good morning! Today is the last day I share albums each morning. And it shouldn't surprise anyone that I'm ending with The Weakerthans' final album, the live recording of their final concert.

The Weakerthans, and John K Samson, mean a lot to me. Their songs helped me when I was in a bad place, and learning to play those songs helped me leave. Their final album is band at its peak - favourite song is Wellington's Wednesdays, and let me tell you why...

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Good morning! Freaking enjoy this amazing photo of freaking Jupiter eh!

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Good morning. I’ll be working from home for the foreseeable future but today is my last day in the office. I’ll miss it ❤️

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good morning and shout out to my first ever own computer

found it at a yard sale in the mid-nineties. it came with a book of BASIC programs you could transcribe into the computer.

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good morning, here’s a post-home-workout selfie. please excuse the attempt at a beard; I won’t let the opportunity this quarantine presents go to waste. [cw ec]

Good morning. My team traded video tours of our working-from-home setups so here’s mine.

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Good morning. Here’s an emoji map of my home province, New Brunswick. Source:

I grew up roughly between the 🇬🇧 and 🥔

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fun fact: the “+” in “LGBTQIA+” is also for people with accents in their names

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@ashfurrow Some land lords are waiving payments, but that can only happen for do long before something breaks.

@ashfurrow From what I've heard, older people seem more likely to not comply.

@lroop in this case, it seems like horseshoe theory is correct: young and old don’t care, but the middle has taken it seriously. finally, a centrism I can get behind!

@ashfurrow as someone currently addicted to a modpack about automation, I like this.

@ashfurrow love it!
Obligatory question about keyboard.

@charlag it’s a p0k3r keyboard, I like that it’s so small ☺️

@ashfurrow Nice. East coast, plenty of beach, fish, much green… but just a single McD? Cannot be in the US.

@IzzyOnDroid I was a child when my town got its McDonalds – it was a huge deal!

@mildbeard it’s a blend! had to buy online since all the local roasters are closed

@ashfurrow here is the best kind of coffee I've ever tasted. I discovered it at a coffee shop in Amherst Massachusetts, and it basically ruined me for anything else.

@mildbeard decided to order a bag of these beans – I’ll let you know how I like them!

@mildbeard Update! I tried these out but didn't quite fall for them – I'm using a pour over but they're described as espresso beans, which might explain it. In any event, it was fun to try something new – thanks for the recc!

@ashfurrow Yes I do use an espresso machine. To each their own! But you're awesome for trying it.

@ashfurrow This is excellent to see! It looks like many countries are on that good side of the curve, which means we shod start seeing a decline in active cases until it dwindles to almost nothing! (not anytime soon though, but it's happening!)

@Lofenyy yeah fingers crossed! I’m still pretty pissed off, about the whole “pandemic” thing, but hey!

@ashfurrow Pandemic thing? What specifically are you unhappy about?

@Lofenyy @ashfurrow you mean except for watching the economy collapse and countless people die from inside house arrest? not much tbh

@trickster @ashfurrow Ah, sorry. I just woke up from a recurring nightmare I had three times last night. I'm still half asleep and tired.

I was worried that he was upset that it's classified as a pandemic, despite it literally covering the globe right now. Like he was upset about the name and not the disease.

@trickster @Lofenyy no sarcasm is all we have left, please don’t take this from meeee


@Lofenyy this is a great question, thank you Ryan. My answer is two-fold: on the one hand, we have the high-level problem of all the suffering this pandemic is causing and all the faults with neoliberal capitalism that it’s unveiling. On the other hand, I had a surgery scheduled that’s had to be moved back and I’m pissy with chronic pain 🤬

So in conclusion, the pandemic is a land of contrasts. Thank you.


@ashfurrow Ohh shoot. I'm very sorry to hear that! Damn.

@ashfurrow and here I was thinking it was for raptors the entire time

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