good morning, for a hackathon project at work, I helped build a long-requested feature for our app: a log out button

being an engineer, I'm able to design some really visually compelling slides, too

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good morning, here’s the state of my meetup’s sticker exchange pile

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good morning, fedi, found a little tip, a little suggestion, while out and about, thought ya might need to hear this, just an idea hey [cw food]

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good morning, rented some practice space in midtown the other day. still need a band name, and also permission to post the wider crop of my band mates

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Issuing a correction: image description incorrectly says this is (the beautiful) Nick Cage instead of (the beautiful) Adam Sandler. Forgive me, I’m not really a film person, and the beauties, sometimes they confuse me.

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I feel a bit extra embarrassed here since upon closer inspection, isn’t that Adam Sandler’s latest film that got snubbed and now everyone knows about?

this is the danger of reposting content without fully understanding the memeeee

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@ashfurrow you’re the admin, go modify the image description in the database

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good morning, here was our final practice before the performance tonight ✨

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I told a friend that I was doing lead vocals, and he called me a diva.

My first reaction was “😨 no not me, never!”

But I thought about it and now I’m like “😈 yes, push my mic levels up higher. Higher! The people need to hear meeee”

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Performance has been postponed. Can’t go into details, but I’ll say: I hope everyone out there takes care of themselves today. You have my permission, to prioritize yourself 💜

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good morning. yesterday, I completed assembly of my new space station. it’s been a rough few weeks, and it was just what I needed.

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these are the only two LEGO sets I own because, I am an adult, but adults are still allowed to love space 🤩

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we need a standard specification for selfies, quick, someone contact the selfIEEE

I’m very tired

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Good morning! This week, instead of sharing images, I’m sharing albums.

Kicking it off with Dan Mangan’s “Nice, Nice, Very Nice” – the kind of album that keeps your jeans dry. Lots of great acoustic guitar, amazing vocals, evocative lyrics. My favourite song is “Basket”, but they’re all great.


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I saw Dan Mangan perform live back in 2010 or so. Really great energy, and that’s how I was introduced to Aiden Knight, the opener. Check him out too, a voice that will make you cry.

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Good morning! Today's album is "Islands Disappear" by Said the Whale.

This album was my introduction to west cost Canadian indie rock, and what an introduction it was! Lots of stories are embedded in these lyrics – the album taught me that even if I've got a map, I need to know where I'm going. Favourite song: A Cold Night Close to the End.

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hat tip to @edwardloveall for the suggestion to use as a to-many linking solution (instead of just Spotify links)

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Good morning! Today’s album is “Into Lake Griffy” by Good Luck. A bit more punk than usual, but optimistic. Nothing lifts me up like this album.

My friend introduced me to this album and the way he explains it, the band formed out of a random, extreme dip in musical entropy. Boltzmann Brain-style. They made this album and then dissipated back into the aether.

Favourite song is “Bringing Them Back to Life”, check it out.

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Good morning! Today’s album is “Fantasies” by Metric.

I never really followed music/bands until Metric, and this was the first time an album came out that really changed the musical direction of one of my favs. Really raw sound, with Emily Haines amazing voice 😍 Metric would lean further into the electronic music angle in subsequent albums.

Lots of stories in these songs, which I love, but also a kind of pop feel. Favourite song: “Gimme Sympathy”

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Good morning! Today’s album is “Swooner” by The Zolas. I liked their earlier albums too, but this one leans hard into an electronic vibe you can dance to. I’ve been listening to this when I run 🏃

Favourite song is “Freida on the Mountain”, because it features *heavy* sampling of the Star Trek: TNG transporter sound effect ✨

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@ashfurrow One of my favorite things about Mastodon is knowing almost with certainty that any meme that makes it to me will be something that gets me through the day. And this is no exception :-)

@ashfurrow 🔊

Though if you're a he, wouldn't it be “divo” 🤔 ah, musical terms from Romance languages

@ashfurrow I finished my Apollo Lander this morning— it was suuuuuper satisfying. There are a lot of pieces that are there just to entertain during the build, because they can’t be seen when finished. I heartily recommend.

(I have the ISS in reserve, for when I need a pick me up later in the year...)

@ashfurrow I dream about buying a LEGO set but I don't know which one. I feel like it needs to be fairly complicated to occupy me

@Gargron complicated is nice – the ISS took a few sessions, but the build instructions are designed to accommodate that.

@ashfurrow adults are still allowed to love LEGO too, which is why I have a room full of it.

@ashfurrow I have the Apollo, a Sopwith Camel and an old Technic 8860 from when I was a kid. 😎

@ashfurrow 🎶 I'm too sexy for my cat, too sexy for my cat, poor pussy, poor pussy cat. 🎶

@ashfurrow Cool idea posting albums! 😃 You may consider posting links from in case people aren't using Spotify. It will give links to the album on any service!

@ashfurrow @polychrome General Motors thought that that was a trolley problem tbh
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