Goooooood morning! New year, new thread! Strap in – 2020 is going to be, like, an entire year and everything.

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good morning, for a hackathon project at work, I helped build a long-requested feature for our app: a log out button

being an engineer, I'm able to design some really visually compelling slides, too

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good morning, here’s the state of my meetup’s sticker exchange pile

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good morning, fedi, found a little tip, a little suggestion, while out and about, thought ya might need to hear this, just an idea hey [cw food]

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good morning, check out this print I got for my partner for Christmas

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Good morning! The dream of the nineties is alive online. [cw faces]

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surprised this didn’t resonate with you all, am I, am I boomer? smh,

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good morning, rented some practice space in midtown the other day. still need a band name, and also permission to post the wider crop of my band mates

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Issuing a correction: image description incorrectly says this is (the beautiful) Nick Cage instead of (the beautiful) Adam Sandler. Forgive me, I’m not really a film person, and the beauties, sometimes they confuse me.

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I feel a bit extra embarrassed here since upon closer inspection, isn’t that Adam Sandler’s latest film that got snubbed and now everyone knows about?

this is the danger of reposting content without fully understanding the memeeee

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@ashfurrow you’re the admin, go modify the image description in the database

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@ashfurrow finally i can relive my childhood memories of giving myself arthritis

@ashfurrow Should be splittable on both handlebars so everybody gets to decide how they want to hold it!

Whenever I see this, I want to dress up as daft punk and do the robot rock

@ashfurrow it's an older meme format, sir, but it checks out

@ashfurrow You could always #AskMastodon for band name suggestions, and risk getting the #fediverse equivalent of “#BoatyMcBoatFace” (e.g: “The Kashyyyki #Moof-Milkers” or something relating to a rude #goose), but you might also get some gems to take back to your band mates.

Yellow Afternoon
The Tribe From All Nations
Wrung Out Sponges
Hank and the Second Chances
She Likes Cloth
Two Ducks Fighting
Music For Humans

What kind of music will you be playing? If it's going to be a They Might Be Giants tribute band, then She Likes Cloth is the only option.

@linkz57 we're very much steeped in The Weakerthans / John K Samson, so indie rock stuff for now :)

@tekmav brb, getting flashbacks from grade school bullies lol

@ashfurrow I was not thinking of it in jest. I actually think it sounded cool

@ashfurrow Walking to Mondor.

Winnipeg in joke. Its a street in the middle of nowhere off the 59 that people keep spray painting the n to look like an r

@tapi amazing! Our first performance is a set of John K Samson songs, so, 😅

@ashfurrow I can probably come up with a few others if you want something in that vein.

Jolly Mug - staple diner in st vital

Exchange - area of the city

Osborne - area of the city

Kingston Row - st that runs along the river on the cover of Fallow

Ive yet to actually find an all night restaurant in north Kildonan

@ashfurrow Why did I read that phrase in my head with the HAL voice? I hope you didn't ask him to open the pod bay doors.

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