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Good morning, we had a fun Halloween party last night [cw spooky selfie with eye contact]

‘morning, I gave a meetup talk last night, with a colour-coordinated outfit 👕

good morning to everyone but Kierkegaard, who can fuck all the way off, hey

good morning. I've been having a tough time lately, and this reminder helped me. maybe it'll help you too :heart:

good morning, the new iPhone’s wide-angle camera is 😙👌


(I stole this from twitter but can’t find the op, sorry!)

good morning, Dave! gosh, get outta my pants lol 😳🥰😇

Good morning. My watch said that if I went for a run on thanksgiving then I’d get a little badge, and so I did, and so here it is.

good morning, I tried to impress the giant magical goose, but,,

good morning, nyc finally got some snow the other day ❄️

good morning, get a load of my twelve perfect, equally-sized balls [cw food]

Good morning! What if,, hedonism, but for the mattresses? I’d call that... [cw ec]

These goats belong to a family friend, who kinda fell into having goats. He’s planning on breeding them, and my mom incredulously asked “why?” Seemed obvious to me, and to my delight, the friend’s answer was indeed “because there’s nothing more magical than a baby goat playing on spring grass” ✨

good morning! it’s Christmas, and I’m home for the first time in ages, and the CBC is airing Handel’s Messiah, and I’m doing some baking, and things are just great ☺️

no photo, that’s the good morning. take care ❤️

good morning. not sure if United Airlines’ Star Wars promotional napkin was supposed to make me like United more or Star Wars more, but all it did was make me like them both less

one last time,,, good morning! like, you!, have a good morning! do it! [selfie ec]

Rest assured there *will* be a 2020 good morning thread. By god, there’ll be a thread.

the good mornings will continue until morale improves

also I’m on-call today and tomorrow, and on-call means on-line,,, so get, ready, for, some, posts!

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