tmux is good,,,, but also, it's bad,,,

@ashfurrow @Lofenyy I actually like tmux because I only remember ctrl-b c, and then I can actually type tmux whatever on the command line and the commands will go to the host tmux, which means I can use fancy zsh tab completions with it.

Also, I enable mouse via config which means I don’t need to remember how to resize splits or scroll.

@Dee @ashfurrow ctrl+b is most of what you need to know. Then there's % and ", then there's the copy paste commands that I don't have memorized.

I honestly really like tmux.

@Lofenyy @ashfurrow I usually split by doing tmux split-window (or ^b:split-window), but I pretty much never use the copy and paste, so I don’t remember it either 🤷

(I actually do remember scrolling and resizing/jumping splits from keyboard, though, so there’s that)

@ashfurrow it's not the best window manager.
tbh i found it better to just enable X11 forwarding and open an xfce4 terminal.
(but afaik that has security issues. which didn't matter much in my use case, since everything was on my home network)

@ashfurrow I struggle to remember how to name a session, so I usually resort to "history | grep tmux" :)

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