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good morning [cw scary drawing, it’s SU’s concept art for the Cluster]

good morning, we made it to the weekend, you know what that means

good morning I visited Fort Washington Park yesterday, very cool park

good morning! these are actually, legit called “fairytale” eggplants *squee* [cw food]

good morning, why is this bread so funny,

I asked, rhetorically [cw food]

good morning, this is a selfie [cw ec] of an admin that went to the goddamned gym this morning

good morning, I'm thinking of logging on to twitter dot com 🤔

good morning, the “I know nothing else” bird is trying to break into standup

good morning, here’re some handy instructions from Beatrice Arthur about what to do if a nearby unicorn has started choking

good morning to the baddest video game peripheral of all time

good morning and good luck to my fellow Canadians in the big election tomorrow [cw can pol]

good morning. 31 years on this earth and I’m still wrapping my head around all this spelling nonsense.

good morning, just hanging out with my new best friend [selfie no ec]

good morning – lately I’ve been making “overnight oats” for breakfast, feeling both old and young [cw food]

Good morning, we had a fun Halloween party last night [cw spooky selfie with eye contact]

‘morning, I gave a meetup talk last night, with a colour-coordinated outfit 👕

medical (+) 

also, I’ve been working on my posture, and, it fucking shows 😍

good morning to everyone but Kierkegaard, who can fuck all the way off, hey

I love working at an art company because of all the art

good morning. I've been having a tough time lately, and this reminder helped me. maybe it'll help you too :heart:

I swear the best thing about being from Canada’s only bilingual province is having the context (and permission?) to laugh at the linguistic. rivalry between France and Québec. Mostly, to laugh at Québec.

Let’s not even get started on competing dubs of The Simpsons.

good morning, the new iPhone’s wide-angle camera is 😙👌


(I stole this from twitter but can’t find the op, sorry!)

good morning, Dave! gosh, get outta my pants lol 😳🥰😇

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@ashfurrow wow you went all out with the skeleton costume, props

@ashfurrow get a VPN, connect to it and just start downloading massive files in the background.

Or maybe don't that's actually a pretty dick move

@xorowl no need to make some poor network admin's life harder 🙈

@ashfurrow TIL Quebec French is different to France French, because OF COURSE it would be

@ashfurrow There's a Transmetropolitan story where French is banned after a war, because corporate media properties use English:

@ashfurrow that province was in the news a few years ago for a horrible quadruple homicide while we were on vacation in the capital. The international headlines ran: "Police double murder in Canadian provincial capital"

The subject matter was terrible, but the reality that no one, anywhere, knows what New Brunswick or Fredricton are is hilarious.

@secstate not at all, you spelled it as it is phonetically pronounced (in English, anyway)

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@ashfurrow I guess now isn't the time or the place to repeat an old Jerry Sadowitz joke about Canada.

@Lofenyy the only the the French hate more than everyone is each other

@ashfurrow I honestly completely believe this. French people can call people idiots for not knowing their language and insult people further when they aren't perfect at learning it.

However, if they insult one dialect, they will be insulted back, and in ways that attack their insecurities since they know each others culture.

@ashfurrow I have a funny story from a Croatian guy who wore the fleur de lis in Canada without knowing what it was and a Quebecois lady gave him hell for it because it was a "Quebec symbol" and he didn't know what that meant despite it being an old French symbol.

Only Quebecois can wear the fleur de lis appearantly because it's Quebecois despite the symbol not belonging to Quebec.

@ashfurrow Haha how so? I'm from the land of destroying the Earth, having too much money, getting laid off and cowboys. While we have a little bit of a francophone community, there aren't too many here from Quebec.

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@ashfurrow At the end of my Erasmus year in France someone told me I speak like a québécois and I knew immediately that was not a compliment

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@ashfurrow No, Smarties and M&M's are different things. We have M&M's here in Canada too. Smarties are better though.

@rvk I know but do you expect the Americans to understand? They think Smarties are something else entirely.

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