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good morning [cw scary drawing, it’s SU’s concept art for the Cluster]

good morning! these are actually, legit called “fairytale” eggplants *squee* [cw food]

good morning, why is this bread so funny,

I asked, rhetorically [cw food]

good morning, this is a selfie [cw ec] of an admin that went to the goddamned gym this morning

good morning, the “I know nothing else” bird is trying to break into standup

good morning, here’re some handy instructions from Beatrice Arthur about what to do if a nearby unicorn has started choking

good morning and good luck to my fellow Canadians in the big election tomorrow [cw can pol]

good morning. 31 years on this earth and I’m still wrapping my head around all this spelling nonsense.

@ashfurrow we're supposed to be using neighbour here?
I've always used neighbor, as have everyone else around me...
Authorize part is correct tho.

@toast gosh I dunno, maybe it’s regional? New Brunswick always used neighbour. What about “honour”? Do you keep the u?

@ashfurrow no, we don't keep the u here, it's honor!
I only know about Montreal (and a very slight bit about BC and Ontario), so it very well might be regional.

@toast language is so tricky. A lot of spelling tests growing up had multiple correct answers 😅

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