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good morning, is this...?

⚪️ a book for children
⚪️ 25% of your TL
⚪️ 50% of your TL
⚪️ 100% of your TL

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good morning [cw scary drawing, it’s SU’s concept art for the Cluster]

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good morning I visited Fort Washington Park yesterday, very cool park

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good morning! these are actually, legit called “fairytale” eggplants *squee* [cw food]

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good morning, why is this bread so funny,

I asked, rhetorically [cw food]

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good morning, this is a selfie [cw ec] of an admin that went to the goddamned gym this morning

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good morning, the “I know nothing else” bird is trying to break into standup

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good morning, here’re some handy instructions from Beatrice Arthur about what to do if a nearby unicorn has started choking

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good morning and good luck to my fellow Canadians in the big election tomorrow [cw can pol]

good morning. 31 years on this earth and I’m still wrapping my head around all this spelling nonsense.

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good morning, just hanging out with my new best friend [selfie no ec]

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good morning – lately I’ve been making “overnight oats” for breakfast, feeling both old and young [cw food]

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Good morning, we had a fun Halloween party last night [cw spooky selfie with eye contact]

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‘morning, I gave a meetup talk last night, with a colour-coordinated outfit 👕

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medical (+) 

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good morning to everyone but Kierkegaard, who can fuck all the way off, hey

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@ashfurrow The NDP, to quote another Canadian, is not very evenly distributed. Although there is a candidate in my riding, I haven't seen any evidence of campaigning (e.g. no lawn signs). Supposedly it's a 3 way race between the Trudeaus, the Harpers, and the Greens. So, bad news that think the greens are actually re-incarnated Progressive Conservatives, and good news for those that think that's not such a bad thing.

@bremner I've heard that the NDP has been pretty bad at campaigning :\

@ashfurrow Finally someone who gets that voting for a party outside the bi-party BS that first past the post causes is the best way to cause a real change.

Though removing FPTP for a true rep by pop system would be ideal.

Thoughts @trickster , since you probably know more about this than I do?

@ashfurrow we're supposed to be using neighbour here?
I've always used neighbor, as have everyone else around me...
Authorize part is correct tho.

@toast gosh I dunno, maybe it’s regional? New Brunswick always used neighbour. What about “honour”? Do you keep the u?

@ashfurrow no, we don't keep the u here, it's honor!
I only know about Montreal (and a very slight bit about BC and Ontario), so it very well might be regional.

@toast language is so tricky. A lot of spelling tests growing up had multiple correct answers 😅

@toast @ashfurrow Yeah, neighbour, colour etc. Our computers are usually set up to US spelling, which kinda makes spell checking encourage us to use US spelling.

@Lofenyy @toast even as I live in the states, I make sure to set my computer's locale to en-CA. taking meeting notes at work? they're littered with "extra" u's. commit messages. changelog entries. everything.

@ashfurrow @toast I have it set yo the US' because I'm lazy, but I'll switch it when I get home!

@ashfurrow L'orthographie de français, est-ce que c'est mieux stabilisée ou non ?

@dasyatidprime je ne sais pas, mais les deux langues sont tellement mixed up dans Canada, donc c’est impossible to say for sure.

@vollink I saw that this morning, and was like, "uh, FUCK, mmm"

@papayastack it’s a synthesis combining my two favourite things: Hackers (1995) and Untitled Goose Game (2019)

@ashfurrow Haha wonderful! Hackers sounds familiar but I had never heard of Untitled Goose Game. :-) Thanks!

@ashfurrow When getting there really really fast is imperative.

@ashfurrow wow you went all out with the skeleton costume, props

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