somehow someday I hope this person learns a bit of empathy

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@ashfurrow you might need it if your web app is written in ruby though

@Gargron I feel bad, dunking on them here instead of offering constructive feedback. But I am out of energy to offer constructive feedback today 😪

@ashfurrow it's true tho. unless you're writing in some zoomer meme language it's perfectly possible to handle kreq/s

@tuxcrafting yeah but what if you're not a very good programmer? Also Rails servers sometimes fall over with high throughput, especially if they're on like a Heroku hobby Dyno.

@ashfurrow i'm going to be thinking all day about how that statement is both wrong and right at the same time

it reads sorta like "pshaw! you don't need a deadbolt to handle a dinner party!"

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