@ashfurrow selling skateboards? Dropping the dopest trap record this side of the Elbe?


@trickster what if you’re business is harvesting... souls? Perfectly business class.

@ashfurrow thank you for being next to me in these trying times, Ash, I will remember this

@Lofenyy @ashfurrow I'm a computer programmer for a company that builds software for fashion retailers. We have offices in A'dam and Hamburg (the office in A'dam was its own company but we got bought out). Internally, we formed a "search taskforce" because one of the german products is as slow as a snail. I have ElasticSearch experience and sped up some of our queries from 1-2 minutes to 5 seconds. I've travelled to Hamburg for a week to have a kickoff and sync with the rest of the team.

@trickster @ashfurrow And this is the hotel they provided or one that you got because it's cheapest?

@Lofenyy @ashfurrow it's because both me and the CTO that's stuck with me (lmao) thought that the other would make arrangements, so when we reached Hamburg in the night, it was either this or the Chinese deathtrap hotel, so we unanimously decided to stay here

@Lofenyy @ashfurrow in tech, once you bake a bread, everyone thinks you're a baker, so I'm "good at search" because I maintain our ES infrastructure and made queries fast that one time

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