I've tried explaining the goose game to my family's group chat. only my sister gets it, so I'm now telling her about how great Firewatch is

"so you're a depressed forest ranger who spends the game growing close to another woman while you hide from the reality that your wife has early onset demen— no, it's a really great game!"

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update: I've dug up my Firewatch disposable camera photos and sent them to the family chat, and now I'm sending them to your TL: firewatch.camera/WhiteWyomingG

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@ashfurrow everyone has a picture of the god rays shining through the trees

@ashfurrow they’re good, but in true form it’s like any national park where some photos feel obligatory

@bonzoesc I disagree – as a film photographer, the disposable camera made me stop and appreciate the game's scenery in a way that I hadn't with other games. The graphics weren't even that good, tbh, but the awareness of my surroundings made the photos special (to me, that is)

but I could just be really basic, too

@ashfurrow I think pursuit of graphics technology is valuable only as far as it improves tooling for artists and not just income for hardware vendors; the camera as an inducement to get players to stage shots works in service of that


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