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folks, can I get a "good morning" for my spiky friend here? they've got a Flappy Royale cosplay and they are looking SHARP.

good morning, this calendar mobile that my coworker made really speaks to me.

Good morning, this shuffleboard club's bathroom has strong cruise ship energy

good morning! no funny photo today, instead I recommend checking out Letterkenny: a Canadian comedy show.

no other piece of art has so perfectly captured Canada's unique prudishness – the raw suppression of and incuriosity about sexuality – than this 3 minute sketch:

good morning, it's one of only six days a year where the Google Calendar logo matches the actual date

Good morning.

I've worked at Artsy 5.5 years and over that time, lots of kitchen mugs have been replaced. And I recently noticed that I usually pick the mugs that have been here the longest, like me.

good morning, I moved my jade plant too close to the window, too quickly, and it got a sunburn :(

good morning, now that I’m out as bi, I can finally start recycling

(this is a JOKE, obviously me recycling was the first clue something was up 🤔)

good morning, when there’s a new fash instance, what are you gonna do?

good morning [cw Patrick Stewart, yelling, holding a pug, charging into battle with a gun]

good morning, could someone get me clarification on which door to use, exactly? thx

“ah oui, le good morning q’je connais” [cw crab smoking a cigarette]

good morning. if you're asking me whether fighting for trans rights is worth risking a robot uprising, the answer, is yes, absolutely

good morning, is this...?

⚪️ a book for children
⚪️ 25% of your TL
⚪️ 50% of your TL
⚪️ 100% of your TL

good morning [cw scary drawing, it’s SU’s concept art for the Cluster]

ngl I’m running low on images in my Good Mornings album, time to hit the content mines

good morning! these are actually, legit called “fairytale” eggplants *squee* [cw food]

good morning, why is this bread so funny,

I asked, rhetorically [cw food]

good morning, this is a selfie [cw ec] of an admin that went to the goddamned gym this morning

I can’t really describe the sound he was making while I took this photo, but if I had to, it’d be “mrowaghaghah?!”

good morning, the “I know nothing else” bird is trying to break into standup

good morning, here’re some handy instructions from Beatrice Arthur about what to do if a nearby unicorn has started choking

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@ashfurrow just finished the Goldblum episode of Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend — that man is a gift to this earth.

@ashfurrow good as this is i just now noticed the final bit is edited

@ashfurrow i mean tbh it doesnt detract from the fact that he was still disgusted by the question and the fact that goldblum is a very cool man

@ashfurrow lol i looked it up and its not even the question at all

@ashfurrow he was asked if he was more of a "marvel guy" or a "dc guy" and then pulled that face


so the matrix is coming true in the weirdest possibly way apparently

also really I feel like this is gonna meme hard, esp. when the Jurassic Park hard reboot happens in a few years and Jeff Goldblum is playing Hammond with self-aware winks all the time

@sydneyfalk when he winks, I’ll know he’s winking specifically at me ☺️


unfortunately Chris Pratt will be Ian Malcolm so there's that

@ashfurrow Yo mate, I wouldn't use snaps from Night in the Woods if I was you.

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@ashfurrow Humor is a prison for oneself, standup is a prison for others.

@ashfurrow Hahaha! He didn't actually say this but it's a good reaction image!

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