The more engineering experience I get, the more and more my job is just communicating with people, and the more and more powerful I become.

@ashfurrow I haven't been in this business long, but I am increasingly convinced that communication is the most important and most chronically bad part of it

@anomaly @ashfurrow communication is easily the most important skill for a computer person. software engineering is a collaborative activity

I think it makes the myth of the anti-social genius in tech so absurd that it hurts to contemplate it.

If you can't communicate, if you can't empathize, you are going to do a spectacular job building the wrong thing.

And it takes intelligence to design something other people can use and modify. If your lone-wolf-genius-project is incomprehensible to everyone else, you're not as bright as you thought.

@ashfurrow the best way of building anything is to build it out of people

@deshipu @ashfurrow I hope you mean this in a metaphorical, community sort of way, and not, like, building things out the bodies of people. That would be gross X)

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