how could anyone hate javascript, it's so beautiful, so intuitive

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@ashfurrow After 2 year of tangential work with it "because we need it" I still don't know how to iterate key, value pair out of an object without looking it up and failing thrice to do it.

@trickster not even importing a one liner package from npm to do it

get on my webshit level

@ashfurrow not necessarily

if the object is undefined or false or empty string or zero instead of null, it will actually cause your computer to set itself on fire

@ben @ashfurrow but only if you're running on Intel, they still have the HCF instruction

@ben yeah but React/JSX understands how to deal with empty strings, zeroes, undefined, etc.

@ashfurrow I would not risk setting my house on fire for any JavaScript library.

@ashfurrow Kotlin would be: `this.props.artwork.framed?.details`. Love it.

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