can't wait for iOS to get dark mode, too, it'll be sooooooo easy to integrate


Mastodon is where I come to complain about iOS/macOS without being yelled at to file a bug report with Apple

I'm not Apple's QA department. Sometimes, I just want to complain.

I think this is the part where I'm supposed to tell you to install gnu linux, and imply it doesn't have bugs

@deidyomega I think this is the part where I tell you that yes, I would like to have no bugs, but that Xcode doesn't run on linux :P

@gil No! I won't! I won't ever file a radar, cowards!

fucking preach it brother

everyone needs a place to complain about iOS. its a special kind of hell we all share that nobody seems to ever talk about

@eletious okay, so THANK YOU for this! Sometimes I feel like I’m in a weird walled-off world by myself.

I've only been engineering builds for a month and a half, so stay tuned for more iOS woes... they are many

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