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good morning, here’s my new guitar

how do I know it’s mine?

it has my name on it 🤗

good morning, I just love Monday mornings because I get to catch up on all my emailsssssss

Good morning, can anyone confirm that shrink-wrapped bread is unique to America? Why do this? [cw food]

good morning, I found this guide to using `tar` very helpful [cw screaming Arnold Schwarzenegger face]

good morning to the profound absurdity and existential horror I found on my way out the door of my apartment building this morning [cw ec]

good morning, the horror van is parked outside again [cw ec]

good morning, let's check in on how the normies are doing... [cw pol]

good morning. props to Java developers for having such a good sense of humour about their, quite frankly, horrifying language


good morning, I got an easter care package from my family back in Canada, check out its customs declaration label [cw food]

good afternoon, here’s a photo I took while diagnosing buzzing in my acoustic guitar

the buzzing persists, and it’s really pissing me off if you wanna know the truth about it

seems like a sympathetic vibration. need to take it to the shop.

good morning, yesterday I found a new route to walk home from work and it has a cool view of a bridge. gonna return to take more photos later.

good morning to everyone except my right speaker, which refuses to stop buzzing. I think the driver is blown.

you, believer in astrology: the universe is all good vibrations, mannnn

me, with a broken guitar and speaker: sympathetic vibrations are ruining my life

good morning, remember that time I got to feed a baby kangaroo? 🦘😍

good morning, why is the "trouble bell" so small? you'd think "trouble" would be the biggest, yeah?

also, don't those labels dampen the sound of the bell itself?

good morning, sir? sir. sir? I have some questions, sir.


fucken... that “oven timer” box makes me do a double take every time I walk by it at work

what oven?! why does it have a timer... in the staircase??? this is some Sartre-level electrician nonsense.

@ashfurrow Holy shit, this made me cackle like a supervillainess :heart_cybre:

@ashfurrow I wish I could change his mind, but I really can't think of a valid argument at the moment. Give me a millennium or two, I might come up with something.

@ashfurrow Hang on a minute! I refuse to take morality lessons from an omnipotent, smarmy arsehole that put Tasha Yar in a blast freezer.

@ashfurrow first thing coming to my mind when seeing that pic preview in my timeline (and before seeing it full-size or reading your text): Abbey Road… :awesome: Just missing those 4 dudes…

@ashfurrow Thank goodness Brian Wilson didn't have that problem or The Beach Boys might not have such a rich back-catalogue.

@danielle I don't even know why I own this, I think for my Raspberry Pi?

@ashfurrow it looks like the bigger bells are for specific kinds of trouble.

@ashfurrow Maybe smaller has a higher pitch and that is easier to hear or more attention-grabbing, compared with the others?

@AskChip it's the 24th story of an old NYC Chinatown high-rise, so anything's possible!

@ashfurrow I worked at a fab plant many years ago and the ovens were entire rooms where you slide long racks of boards into the bake the epoxy mask after the screen room put it on. Wall mounted oven thermostat outside the doors. When they opened those doors the heat just rolled out.

@ashfurrow hey, someone at least thought to label the small box. I definitely have one in my house that is unlabled

@ashfurrow I’m working in fire systems for my day job. I’m no expert and we do a lot of other work too so these are my guesses based on my exposure level. Trouble may reflect some sort of error in the equipment or wiring like a short or a ground fault. Smoke means that a detector has been triggered and water flow means that sprinklers are active AKA hello shit, meet fan. Again there are probably others who know more. But this is my first toot. So who gives a hoot.

@chrismurray I didn’t even think of how the different bells would produce different pitches

@inv0cat10n I've found a store in NYC that sells them under the table

@ashfurrow protip: amazon prime has them. i've gained a metric ton eating them :)

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