I'm VERY keen on the Keybase integration coming up in Mastodon 2.8 omgomgomg

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@ashfurrow is the idea to be able to send encrypted messages over Mastodon?

@mvp No, it will be to authenticate my identity. Right now, my Keybase profile has cryptographic proofs that I am "ashfurrow" on Twitter, GitHub, and on Mastodon has no such authentication – you can't _cryptographically_ be certain that I am that same Ash Furrow.

@ashfurrow whoops, I'd forgotten about that feature (I tried keybase awhile ago, but not enough acquaintances were on it to bother keeping up with it [sort of like Signal, now, for me as well])

@ashfurrow as a long time keybase user I'm definitely excited at further integration of keybase by the community as a whole. I finally made a Mastodon profile after hearing the news!

@ashfurrow I don't particularly care about Keybase, but if that's going to make m.t get 2.8 faster, I'm all in πŸ™Œ πŸ˜€

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