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had a dream last night that I bought a midi controller at a thrift store, good morning

good morning, last night I continued watching Canadaโ€™s Worst Driver, descending further into the Andrew Younghusband Cinematic Universe

good morning, Siri doesnโ€™t know how to pluralize temperature degrees because itโ€™s written by damn Americans and their damn foolish Fahrenheit :dont_at_me:



Good morning. I thought today would finally be the day that I quit Brooklyn-based politics irony podcasts. Alas,

good morning, hereโ€™s my new guitar

how do I know itโ€™s mine?

it has my name on it ๐Ÿค—

good morning, I just love Monday mornings because I get to catch up on all my emailsssssss

Good morning, can anyone confirm that shrink-wrapped bread is unique to America? Why do this? [cw food]

good morning, I found this guide to using `tar` very helpful [cw screaming Arnold Schwarzenegger face]

good morning to the profound absurdity and existential horror I found on my way out the door of my apartment building this morning [cw ec]

no one should ever look that relaxed โ€“ it's computer-generated happiness and I reject it.

good morning. props to Java developers for having such a good sense of humour about their, quite frankly, horrifying language

@ashfurrow this _almost_ certainly one of the best ways to get an edge in Fortnite ๐Ÿ˜‰

@ashfurrow double-wrapping helps protect against potential punctures in the outer bag letting air in and spoiling the bread. Also, the inner wrap is slightly more structurally hard which aids in squish-protection. Thatโ€™s my guess.

@ashfurrow It's to introduce another step between you and toast.

Credit - Mitch Hedberg

@ashfurrow fear of bugs? *we are weevils and we are here for the grain product*

@ashfurrow It keeps all those delicious alpha and beta particles in the loaf until you unwrap it. โ˜ข๏ธ

I've always wondered this myself. And it's always the good stuff. Maybe it's cause we're all fat and they're trying to slow is down by wrapping it twice. :P

Also, thank you for here's some monkey love for ya' ๐Ÿ™Šโค๏ธ

A restful, happy face. A face of contentment knowing you did a good job. A good job murdering that family. Off to sleepy time, sleepy head.

Now I want to rent that truck and park it in front of my enemy's houses in the morning

Farscape also had the highest Muppet quotient of any on air sf show. Clearly the choice of the connoisseur.

@protean @ashfurrow I believe you're forgetting Pigs in Space, the only segment of The Muppet Show worth watching.

@ashfurrow In the first one, you can overload visit() all three times and polymorphism will work fine.

Most of the time, the only problem with Java is uneducated kids and consultants using it badly.

@mdhughes I have a difficult time judging people for not yet having internalized such a bizarre thing as a โ€œprogramming language.โ€

@ashfurrow The problem is a kid's learned one hammer so that's all they apply to every problem. And the industry hires young inexperienced kids because they're cheap. And then none of our software works worth a shit.

Consultants are worse, because they should know better, but don't bother.

@mdhughes it makes me feel weird to see you call junior developers โ€œkidsโ€ โ€“ and in any case, it was just a meme. I havenโ€™t even written Java in nine years.

@ashfurrow I do call everyone under 30 "kids". It's very hard to distinguish them from this far side of the event horizon.

I mostly quit Java in 2008, but still maintain a few tools and it keeps those circuits active in my memory.

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@ashfurrow The language is simple enough. The ecosystem and API ("standard library") are pure insanity.

Every so often a new solution comes along that has everyone jump on a bandwagon and sing hallelujah! But it hides the fact that at its base language design level, java makes O.O.P. really, really hard and cumbersome.

@aeveltstra that's an interesting perspective. If I may ask, isn't that the goal of the JVM as a compile target? So that languages like Scala and Clojure can take advantage of Java's popularity without having to use the actual syntax?

(Not that Scala isn't a difficult language, too!)

@ashfurrow Yes, it is. And then these other JVM-targeting languages have to build their own API, via which they show, that they hadn't planned for that, and just wind up making a big mess.

It's like how creating a new language is fun. But the ecosystem around it, to male that language practical to use? That's hard work.

@aeveltstra gotcha, that makes sense. Do you think this is why we (I) hear more success stories with languages compiling to the .Net CLR than compiling to the JVM? Because it was designed to be agnostic to languages from the start? (Not that it doesn't have to be hacky about adding support for new constructs, too.)

@ashfurrow I have on-hands experience with several .Net languages. Yes: the CLR does not appear to suffer the exact same issues. It suffers whole other ones.
Inside Powershell for instance, we can mix paradigms in the same script: functional, o.o., procedural, and maybe event-driven too (legacy VB was event-driven and moved from procedural to o.o. over time) - 1/2

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@ashfurrow pfft! ๐Ÿง only four! Common Lisp has five ways of doing it.

On one hand, limiting restricts the user. On the other hand, having many ways to do something makes the need for conventions greater, and that isn't nice either.

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