what do I have to do
for realtors fleeing facebook
to stop
signing up on my instance

@ashfurrow I recommend a strong captcha. Everyone knows that realtors aren't human.

@ashfurrow But honestly, I wouldn't say that realtors are on the same level as dinosaurs or lizards.

I have too much respect for dinosaurs and lizards.

@ashfurrow Put "RENT IS EXTORTION" or "PROPERTY IS THEFT" in your instance profile? Add it to the instance themes so it shows on all pages?

@wakest @bamfic @ashfurrow salespeople rejecting surveillance capitalism- that’s something innit

@equal @wakest @bamfic there is a place for businesses to go online and have a presence, and that space is “their business name dot com”, not a crowdfunded server for a bunch of nerds 😜

@samai how is it dangerous? You means because I admin an instance? I was thinking “my instance” as a user, not an admin, but point taken.

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