New year, new good morning thread!

Good morning! Check out my dad’s table saw.

morning, it's launch day for a thing my team built, wish us luck

had a dream last night that I bought a midi controller at a thrift store, good morning

good morning, last night I continued watching Canada’s Worst Driver, descending further into the Andrew Younghusband Cinematic Universe

good morning, Siri doesn’t know how to pluralize temperature degrees because it’s written by damn Americans and their damn foolish Fahrenheit :dont_at_me:

good morning; we put Dave's cat bed on the book case and he loves it


good morning, Canada got a new food guide and it includes hydration, so make sure you're hydrated!


it also includes tips like "cook more often", mindful eating, and awareness of food advertising

I feel like that's a cool step forward. It'd be more cool of ol' JT would just reform food advertising.

oh, but for market forces!

good morning, my umbrella broke on my walk to work : \

Good morning. I thought today would finally be the day that I quit Brooklyn-based politics irony podcasts. Alas,

spelled "misogynistic" without having to look it up, folks, today is gonna be a great day

good morning, here’s my new guitar

how do I know it’s mine?

it has my name on it 🤗

last night, I got to know the dirty channel on my guitar amp and I kind of fell in love a little bit

good morning, I just love Monday mornings because I get to catch up on all my emailsssssss

@mdhughes I speak French as well, and I knew what the image says.

@ashfurrow The image caption is in English. I do this all the time, online and IRL. I'm sure it's starting to annoy people.

@ashfurrow Prickly on the outside, soft on the inside, thrive on neglect. They're my kind of plants 😆

@emartin that’s right – I basically only do acoustic lately because my epiphone les paul weighs a million pounds and hurts my neck/shoulder. I got an ibanez s621 instead :)

@jasondclinton I don't know where any of my images come from, sorry. I did a reverse image search and it's apparently a meme?

@ashfurrow Depends on. The left one is open source – the right one proprietary.

@ashfurrow obviously the second one - otherwise it would need multiple pairs of trousers 😂

@ashfurrow I hate Monday mornings for exactly that same reason.

comment about "master" 


ugh, we really need to get away from using master in this context :/

comment about "master" 

@maloki @ashfurrow how about we just all agree to use upstream?

It's often the more accurate term, and it doesn't have any unfortunate history.

comment about "master" 

@RandomDamage @maloki "upstream" is good, but is already used for another concept. Naming things is hard! We'll get there, though.

comment about "master" 

@ashfurrow @maloki there's a little overlap, but I think it isn't too bad.

comment about "master" 

@RandomDamage @maloki _I_ agree, but when trying to change the name of something that already exists, little things like this will get used to argue against the change. Programmers gonna programmer.

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comment about "master" 

@maloki Yes, but it's tricky. Obviously "master/slave" is not appropriate, but in this context, "master" is used like "master key" (not that anyone's feelings/response to the term are invalid). The drive to move away from "master" branches is probably going to face more pushback than "master/slave", despite being the right decision, long-term.

It would take someone like GitHub changing this for it to take hold. Fingers crossed.

comment about "master" 

@ashfurrow @maloki Well, Yoda is a master ;)

But, aside from personal feelings about the terminology, for me "master" is not the best name for the default branch because it is usually used as "current" (or "development", or, yes, "trunk"). In the company I work for we have it renamed to "devel" in most our repos BTW.

comment about "master" 

@maloki @ashfurrow I'm totally on-board with “mainline” as a replacement for “master”. Even has the same autocomplete prefix.

Toot toot!

comment about "master" 

@maloki @ashfurrow why, when there is no 'slave' in this context?

comment about "master" 

@mvz Because connotations. @ashfurrow

comment about "master" 

@maloki @ashfurrow That is not very helpful, I'm afraid.

comment about "master" 

@mvz @ashfurrow you do you. I don't have energy to discuss the validity of trying to get away from that and other terms in tech work I do.

You can do whatever you want in work you do.

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@ashfurrow to be honest, I don't know which I'd be more upset about: the repo, or the pasta.

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