> Migrate from GitHub

okay cool

> to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool.

haha what? no

> Check out all of SourceForge’s recent improvements.

fuck off eh?

this, and the comments, and the stories, and the UI design, is why I don't read Slashdot anymore

@ashfurrow Yeah I'll pass too. Everytime I head over to SourceForge for a project that is still there it seems like a trainwreck. I'll do Gitlab if I have a choice, followed by GitHub...

@hankg @ashfurrow have you seen yet? I’m still on Github, but I’m honestly very tempted to rotate into that.

@sneakycrow @ashfurrow I've never heard of it before. Looking at it now. How does it compare to Gitlab is it Federated or something?

@hankg @ashfurrow if I’m being completely honest, I’m not 100% sure. It’s simplicity (like not requiring JS) is what truly appeals to me. It almost feels like a watered down Gitlab (which I say as a positive)
As someone who doesn’t require the “community” aspect in most of my repos, I like this a lot

@hankg @ashfurrow GitLab is quite annoying with its ReCaptchas. You might not notice that with small projects – but being a maintainer at F-Droid, I often feel like a puzzle solver. Will definitely not migrate my own projects there, they rather go to .org (completely FOSS & non-profit, launched at 2019-01-01, and I know some of the founders 😉)

@IzzyOnDroid @ashfurrow Never heard of them will check them out. I honestly can't recall ever seeing a recaptcha so maybe it's just blended into the milieu for me at this point :(

@hankg @ashfurrow I usually see them only when editing "other people's" posts. Cannot remember having seen them in other circumstances.

I'd understand they want to protect "foreign edits" from "normal" users. But from the project owner or a maintainer (second highest level)? Sorry, no understanding for that.

@ashfurrow SourceForge was recently acquired by another company that promised to tidy up the place and remove all the crap that had been attached to it. I haven’t followed up on the progress though.

@ashfurrow LOL that amused me too. Especially considering what SourceForge is known for... *looks at DevShare*

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