New year, new good morning thread!

Good morning! Check out my dad’s table saw.


morning, it's launch day for a thing my team built, wish us luck

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had a dream last night that I bought a midi controller at a thrift store, good morning

good morning, last night I continued watching Canada’s Worst Driver, descending further into the Andrew Younghusband Cinematic Universe

medical (~) 

this is the season where one of the nominees has an acquired brain injury, and they’re treating the subject with remarkable sensitivity. for television, anyway.

wait, does dressing up as a tin of sardines make Andrew a scalie? :thonk:

good morning, Siri doesn’t know how to pluralize temperature degrees because it’s written by damn Americans and their damn foolish Fahrenheit :dont_at_me:

good morning; we put Dave's cat bed on the book case and he loves it


good morning, Canada got a new food guide and it includes hydration, so make sure you're hydrated!


it also includes tips like "cook more often", mindful eating, and awareness of food advertising

I feel like that's a cool step forward. It'd be more cool of ol' JT would just reform food advertising.

oh, but for market forces!

good morning, my umbrella broke on my walk to work : \

Good morning. I thought today would finally be the day that I quit Brooklyn-based politics irony podcasts. Alas,

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@tapi @ashfurrow I would argue that the picture gives away too much information on your secret project.

And Dave looks up from YouTube and asks, what kind of containers are you using?

@ashfurrow I wonder if the formatting code is converting a number from °F but using the original number for the plural selection.

@ashfurrow I keep thinking that one day we're going to spot buildings that are designed to remind us of legos...


@ashfurrow I think I'll continue with the tried-and-true method of "buying a box of Kraft Dinner from Target" ;o)

(I'm in shape. Round's a shape.)


@ashfurrow Open box, pour into water. Boil until tolerable. Devour orange substance. Return to other tasks.


@ashfurrow but where are the instructions for making it in my instant pot! Trudeau just half assing thing left and right


@tapi I’m curious to hear what Jagmeet Singh has to say on this important issue.

@ashfurrow good morning, please consider living in a drier climate to avoid these issues in the future

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