watched the show Canada’s Worst Driver while I was visiting my folks and now it’s all on YouTube oh no

Its really educational for a reality tv show, but... that education is hampered by the fact that the show has to entertain viewers too. Some students have worse experiences for the sake of the entertainment, which really sucks.

But my god it’s fun.

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mom is mortified that the people named Canada’s Worst Driver two years in a row we’re from New Brunswick

but like, yeah, totally.

also, the show’s panel has a former cop as a “legal expert” and his name is Cam and every episode when he’s introduced, you’re obligated to say the words out loud “all Cams are bastards” sorry but those are the rules

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Also the host is adorable and the participants are all good-natured about the whole thing and they all swear like sailors and I’m getting my fix of Canadian accents it’s so good 🇨🇦🗣❤️

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@ashfurrow Have you also seen "Canada's Worst Handyman"? I think it's the same host.

@ashfurrow I'm a pretty good driver, my wife's even better. That said, some of the scenarios they have to drive through are insane.

"What if you're on a see-saw in a cave with tight 45 degree turns lined with children?" kind of insane.

@trevdev @ashfurrow these sound like theoretical questions posed to self-driving cars to figure out if they're safe. Not humans. What kind of show is this?!

@j_angliss @trevdev it’s a test of skill, but also a test of temper and patience. 14 seasons, check it out!

@trevdev yup, and each is designed to lead the bad drivers to learn a lesson, often about driving but more often a lesson about themselves. A lot of them say “I failed the challenge but I learned something so I feel I passed it”, which is such a cool outlook to see on tv 🤗

@trevdev I would love to run through some of them, they look pretty fun. Well, not the water tank challenge.

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