New year, new good morning thread!

Good morning! Check out my dadโ€™s table saw.

ยท Toot! ยท 3 ยท 0 ยท 8

had a dream last night that I bought a midi controller at a thrift store, good morning

good morning, last night I continued watching Canadaโ€™s Worst Driver, descending further into the Andrew Younghusband Cinematic Universe

medical (~) 

good morning, Siri doesnโ€™t know how to pluralize temperature degrees because itโ€™s written by damn Americans and their damn foolish Fahrenheit :dont_at_me:



@ashfurrow I just checked this and it's true. Brackets change everything.

@adz @ashfurrow It does it without the brackets too! But so does Bing and DuckDuckGo.

@ashfurrow technically the minus sign is a multiplication with -1, therefore it could make sense that it has lower precedence than exponentiation.

Wolfram Alfa gives the same result (even for -3^2), and they are math guys.

@ytg @ashfurrow Precedence rules are PEMDAS:

So the calculator query shows "-(3 squared)" which is -9.

You have to type "(-3) squared" to get 9.

@cj @ytg itโ€™s really a question of changing language into symbolic math; I think most people would say the answer should be 9, but language is always ambiguous. If I use a calculator and press the buttons โ€œ-โ€œ, โ€œ3โ€, and โ€œx^2โ€, the answer is indeed 9.

@ashfurrow @cj @ytg
Not in whatever calculator I appear to have on Ubuntu. pressing '-', '3', and 'x^2' yields -9.

When I use parens around -3, I get 9.

@rcode3 @cj @ytg the iOS calculator app handles this properly, and iirc, my TI-83 did as well.

Again, this is all the ambiguity of language. There's no "correct" answer, but some answers are more correct than others.

@cj @ytg is it a multiplication by -1? I consider โ€œ-3โ€ to be its own number unto itself. But again, language :)

@ashfurrow Looks like itโ€™s calculating the square of 3 and then negating it.

@ashfurrow Which, to be fair, is wrong if I remember correct order of operations

@djmoch well, order of operations only matters if there are multiple operations. (-3)^2 only has one operation: the exponent. This highlights the ambiguity of natural language. If a mathematician says the words" negative 3 squared", they mean (-3)^2 because -3 is a number unto itself (and not an operation). There's no purely correct answer, but I'd say that 9 is "more correct" than -9.

@erAck โ€œ-3โ€ isnโ€™t an operation, itโ€™s a number. And the ambiguity of the natural speech โ€œnegative three squaredโ€ is highlighted by the difference of โ€œ(negative three) squaredโ€ vs โ€œnegative (three squared)โ€ - I would argue the first is _more_ correct.

The best thing is when you do this to a 13 year old and they give you a look like "ugh, really? I'm too old for your shit"

@tapi @ashfurrow I would argue that the picture gives away too much information on your secret project.

And Dave looks up from YouTube and asks, what kind of containers are you using?

@ashfurrow Saw this image. Is this really how ships are shipped or is this just a bit of GIMP or Photoshop? ๐Ÿค”

@ashfurrow A transport system for migrants fleeing war torn areas?

@ashfurrow I wonder if the formatting code is converting a number from ยฐF but using the original number for the plural selection.

@ashfurrow I keep thinking that one day we're going to spot buildings that are designed to remind us of legos...

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