Considering unsubscribing from a popular iOS newsletter due to its very noticeable anti-JavaScript bias :dont_at_me:

I don't mind articles critiquing or even complaining about JS or React Native, but if that's _all_ you publish, I can't help but wonder what other things you're not publishing...

@ashfurrow It’s something we often do. Badmouthing not-our-tech stack. If you know Vanilla JS, you badmouth jQuery. If you’re a React fan, you badmouth Vue or Angular. It’s the “if you’re not with us, you’re against us mentality”.

@oprea @ashfurrow One of the reasons I changed positions from frontend to devops. Tearing down another stack 'just because' creates hostile tribes. It's one thing to embrace and adopt change and move a community forwards.. but this whole "this is mine and awesome and f* yours" mentality is toxic. :6am grumble:

@breakingcalm @oprea do you find it's a better vibe in the devops world? I'm not that familiar with it but I have seen some of the same us-vs-them regarding deploy stacks, etc.

@ashfurrow @oprea Sure, I mean, it exists everywhere. But it seems like (and maybe this is just a privilege of where I'm working) there's more agreement of 'best tool for the job', whereas on the front end side it seems to be more disagreement about "what is better". So, anisible + chef might be the best combo for __, but damned if we're going to use bootstrap for anything!

@ashfurrow which one is that? Sounds like something I'd enjoy and appreciate! 😂

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