[i see someone using their OS default terminal app/shell]
“psssshaw, get on my level.”

[i see someone using a more sophisticated shell than mine]
“god damn nerd!”

@ashfurrow Humanoids who can't use a shell: Are these even people? Can we just eat them?

@mdhughes @ashfurrow A lifetime of panic gives their meat a foul taste.

I've done the whole super custom termite/urxvt setup on Arch with i3wm thing. I gotta say, after my last distro hop, I just launched Gnome terminal and felt it was good enough. :oh_no:

@ashfurrow When you constantly have to connect to different machines using shared accounts, you wind up having to tolerate the defaults.

@ashfurrow me when anybody uses literally anything: "what!!! you need to use this thing instead!"

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