Another cool Mastodon app I've been using is Mast by local user @JPEG:

It feels "the most iOS" of all the Mastodon apps I've tried, nice polish 👍

@ashfurrow Hey 👋 I just recently released a new iOS Mastodon app with a gorgeous iOS-centric interface, 3D Touch, Today and Share extensions, Siri Shortcuts, iMessage Stickers, a Watch app, and so much more. Would love to know your initial thoughts on it!

@JPEG Well, it's crashed on me a couple times. Do you get crash logs? (Mind you, I'm a developer myself, so I understand and am not overreacting.)

@tewha Apologies about the crashes! I haven't checked crash logs yet as I find they often take a day or two to gather data. Will investigate!

@JPEG Well, I'm not even sure it's your fault. Such is the nature of iOS… if something else crashes I think it *could* look like your app doing the crashing. Best you can do is watch for them.

In my experience, though, Apple's crash logs rarely get through. I think in the whole lifetime of one of my previous products ONE crash made it through their process that makes crashes anonymous. Might be worth looking into some other crash reporter if you're only using Apple's. :)

@tewha That's very true, it's always hit or miss with this! I used to use Fabric but removed it to stop sharing any and all data whatsoever with any third parties. That peace of mind is worth more I'd say.

@JPEG Yeah, I know what you mean. I trust HockeyApp, but they had to earn that trust. (And being bought by Microsoft probably helped their case, since Microsoft uses a traditional business model and has deep enough pockets that unexpected privacy sellout is unlikely.)

@tewha Microsoft has been doing great work for the developer community. Even with trust, it's quite unsettling sometimes just how much data is gathered, a lot of it is unnecessary.

@JPEG sure, I just downloaded it. I'll check it out 👍

@JPEG This is a pretty cool app 👍

I really like the visual design, the schemes, and the playfulness of the UI, nice work! I found it would sometimes fail to load all the toots in my timeline. I'd have the most recent half hour, then it'd skip to 4 hours ago (the last time I had the app open).

@ashfurrow Thank you very much for the kind words and encouragement. It means a lot! And I’ll look into those issues soon.

@ashfurrow @JPEG Sadly closed source. Otherwise would love to buy and promote.

@ashfurrow @JPEG Agreed. I will also say that @tootapp provides some nice interface dynamics to how you relate to your identities in the mastodon fediverse. Really like both of them.

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