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Good morning! Here is a photo I took of an Amsterdam canal with a pinhole camera.

Good morning, I hope that Keith Haring would endorse my fridge magnet placement.

Good morning, my talk yesterday went well. Photo from

good morning, I found someone else with a lens diagram tattoo last week

Good morning, here is a wood stove-top hotdog cooker that my grandfather made [lewd]

good morning, this was attached to my new tv – it will never cease to delight me how america hedges its bets that quebec might be its own country someday

Good morning! We unpacked our final box from the move, containing this card from my wife. Good memories.


(no small feat on a day after I forgot to take my antidepressant boooooo)

Good morning, I got a dino plant last night and it’s gorgeous! I took photos of it rehydrating itself, like the Trisolarans!

oh no, the photos were posted out of order 😢 well you get the idea

Good morning, you know when you’re petting a cat and they don’t quite want to be pet right now? [eye contact]

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@ashfurrow Hahaha, this is what happens when MS releases ancient 16-bit assembler under MIT license. When do we get Win3 or Win95? 🤣

@trickster heck, I remember when web pages would fit on 3 floppies

@ashfurrow I remember when a webpage would take les kb than classics of russian literature.

@ashfurrow depends on your definition of order. Start at the upper-right, go counter-clock wise. All fine. Interesting plant!

@ashfurrow Hi, with "rehydrating itself", you mean that you gave it no water yourself, but it rather took air moisture in ?

@marseye when water gets scarce, it dehydrates itself and curls inward to protect itself until water comes back, and then it repeats!

@ashfurrow That, I had understood.

Ok, so you watered it, no air moisture involved.

Not sure if" it dehydrates itself" instead of "tolerates natural dehydration".

Most seeds themselves have their own triggers... Nature is such a subtle and admirable living machinery !

@marseye right, I guess I meant that without seeding, it goes between an active/wet and inactive/dry cycle in response to its environment. It can survive a long, long time dried out. It’s also called a resurrection fern. When dried out, as in one of the photos, it looks kind of like an egg 🦖

@ashfurrow another three-body fan here. And now I want that plant too

@ashfurrow Someone should paint a dollar bill on the ground that left person just spotted!

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@ashfurrow DO NOT make a wish on it. They’re like monkey paws.

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