Australia's greatest linguistic contribution to the world is the phrase "keen as mustard" (this is a compliment)

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just like how America's greatest culinary contribution is popularizing ice water (this is also a compliment, ice water is awesome, get with it Europe)

@ashfurrow might I also submit the following: mad as a cut snake, gone troppo, dog's eye and dead horse, three fifths of fuck all. And of course that perennial favourite: not here to fuck spiders.

@equal @ashfurrow if course you're not here to fuck spiders. There's too many legs to spread

@rfox @ashfurrow thanks for forcing unwanted visuals of literal interpretation into my brain, gawd ;-)

@ashfurrow that may come from a local brand of mustard named Keen’s (which exists, though may or may not be the origin)

@ashfurrow it's actually really hard for us Australians to know which of our sayings are known worldwide and which are just us being a complete idiots!

@techn1x to a much lesser extent, I think, Canadians have that same problem. I used the term “keener” and no one here (in New York) knew what I meant.

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