Good morning! Here is a photo I took of an Amsterdam canal with a pinhole camera.

Good morning, I hope that Keith Haring would endorse my fridge magnet placement.

Good morning, my talk yesterday went well. Photo from


good morning, I found someone else with a lens diagram tattoo last week

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Good morning, here is a wood stove-top hotdog cooker that my grandfather made [lewd]

good morning, this was attached to my new tv – it will never cease to delight me how america hedges its bets that quebec might be its own country someday

it will also never cease to amaze me how the same concepts expressed in english take twice as much text to express in french. it's a beautiful language but it's quite verbose and complicated don't @ me :dont_at_me:

I took french immersion in school so I ostensibly can speak french, but only canadian french, and not even the good canadian french (je viens de l'acadie, look it up, d'ac) plus the school never focused on proper pronunciation, so I sound awful. I've tried conversing in french in four french-speaking countries and in most cases, people just switch to english :\ it feels awful so I don't really bother trying anymore

but at least I can read french toots, so it's not all bad πŸ€—

if you're into languages, check out chiac, which is like english syntax with french linguistic structures:

actually this reminds me a lot of the french I see on mastodon...

the wikipedia page for chiac is pretty horny – now this *really* sounds like the french I see on mastodon

Good morning! We unpacked our final box from the move, containing this card from my wife. Good memories.

good morning what happened to my phone it was just in my pocket and randomly did this

@sirshannon it’s 100% true, he makes all kinds of things. Picnic tables, lawn furniture, drink holders that look like birds...

@ashfurrow German does this a lot as well, to the point where translating software often breaks layouts because the labels get so long

@elomatreb haha yeah, I was building iOS apps back when the phone screen sizes were really small and German would _always_ cause problems. There's no where for the lines to break!

@ashfurrow hey, a lot of times I'm sure they were switching to english to practice with a native speaker!

And I'm also sure that many of them were appreciative of you making an effort to speak their language! πŸ‘

@ashfurrow They tried to teach me french back in Alberta, I dropped out as fast as I could. Kinda wish I didn't until I read this haha. I'll probably be sticking to English and Bad English.

@ashfurrow Yeah, my little Canadian-French osmosis as a child and a year in school means I can suss out most short posts, recognize most insults, or talk to a dog, but French-speakers think I'm an idiot. I mean, more than usual.

@ashfurrow I got a minor in French and did really well on whatever that French test that they give out to seniors in US high school is

I still can't comprehend most real-world spoken French (Canadian is a bit better, but not by much)

@ashfurrow Just discovered this is a whole good morning thread. Prepare for notifications.

@ashfurrow Oh, jeez.

Grew up in an area where raccoons regularly broke into our house. Hate the little cute buggers.

@ashfurrow PourquoiΒ je me trouve dans cette cage β€½ Il faut que j'en Γ©chappe tout de suiteΒ ! πŸ˜“

@ashfurrow Are you poking around or is my internet being slow?

@ashfurrow good morning, NY people, you still have half of the weekend before you! Here's my advice: stay at home if you feel like it, it may be awesome

@ashfurrow we get weird issues with the new updates. I haven't heard of this one, but given that people can't place calls or having their phone crash when checking emails, I won't be surprised until they patch it...

@ashfurrow Your leg attempted to unlock it too many times lol

This happens when my kids get their grubby little paws on mine. 🀣

@ashfurrow your pocket lint attempted to unlock your phone

@ashfurrow this is sort of what it’s like to have a toddler

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